Many Years of Pain Chapter 11

All in this fic doesn’t belong to me!



Mido and Link finally made it to were the laughing came from.

“What in the!?” Mido exclaimed.

“A lake in the middle of the forest?” Link asked, “that wasn’t there before.”

“Because it wasn’t,” answered Mido, “Dark Link must have made it. Dark!”

“Mido!?” they herb someone ask.

“Yes it’s me!” Mido shouted back, “Do you mind coming down here for a moment!?”

Link watched as Dark made he’s way down a tree. Dark came running up to Mido.

“Do you like the lake I made?” Dark asked, “Woe! You’re a bit small to be a hero, aren’t you?”

Dark bend down to Link.

“Why do they always say that!?” Link asked himself while storming off.

Dark looked back at Mido with a puzzled look.

“He gets that a lot,” answered Mido, “Now about your lake-”

“Do you like it?” Dark asked cutting Mido off, “I made purified water to put in the hole.”

“About that,” said Mido, “It’s not exactly pier.”

“What do you mean?” Dark asked looking at his lake, “it looks pier to me.”

“Here,” said Mido getting his water canteen out.

Mido pored a little water in the palm of his hand. Dark blinked a few times then looked back at his lake. He noticed that his lake was a bit blacker then the water in Mido’s hand.

“It’s making the plants sick isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes,” Mido answered.

Dark looked down at the ground.

“Sorry,” he apologized, “I was just trying to impress you.”

Mido made Dark look at him.

“And you did,” said Mido giving him a hug, “but I’m still not interested.”

“Damn,” Dark said hugging Mido back.

They pulled away.

“I done told you I can’t heal your wounds,” Mido said, “They are far too deep and have been open for far too long.”

Dark sighed. He looked over at Link, who was still foaming.

“I still can’t believe he’s a hero,” Dark said.

“There is only one way to find out,” suggested Mido.

“He doesn’t have the Master Sword,” said Dark, “that blade he has now won’t hit me.”

“It’s in the ocean dear,” informed Mido.

“Oh,” was all Dark said.

Dark reached out his hand. A long line of water quickly released and headed to the ocean.

“Hey Link!” Mido called out, “do you mind coming here for a minuet or so!?”

Link walked over to them.

“Yes?” he asked.

Dark’s line of water ended and dropped the Master Sword in front of him.

“Do you mind fighting Dark?” Mido asked.

Link looked at Dark.

“I don’t know,” he answered.

“Come on little guy,” said Dark.

Link’s eye twitched.

“Oh it’s on now,” he said in an angry tune.

Link picked up the sword and got in a ready stance. Dark smiled and did the same. Water came up to his right hand and formed s dark version of the Master Sword.

“All right,” said Mido backing away from the fighting area, “three hits to Dark and the fight ends. Begin!”

Link charged a head. Dark put up his shield. Link hit it and back flipped away.

Damn, Link thought, I guess frontal attacks won’t work.

Dark swing and Link dodged. Link vertical swing and Dark mimicked it. Link did a horizontal one and, again, Dark mimicked it. Link, getting frustrated, did a spin attack. Dark jumped on the blade. Dark swang his blade again. Link brought his shield up. Dark hit it and jumped off.

So he mimics and jumps on my sword, Link thought, How can I-wait! Maybe I could…yes that might work.

Link pulled his blade up for a vertical attack. Dark snorted and prepared his own blade for the same attack.

There! Link thought.

Link then switched attacks to a stab. He got Dark in the stomach.

That’s one, Link thought.

Dark pulled away and held his stomach. Link then noticed that it was blood, not water, that was dripping out.

So he can pick up thing in a blink of an eye, Dark thought.

Dark stood up and charged at Link. Link tried to do the same combo again, but Dark blocked it.

So the same attack won’t work twice, Link thought, time to change it up.

Link set up another vertical attack. Dark prepared to block the stab, but Link did a horizontal attack, getting him across the chest. Dark groaned in pain.

That’s two, Link thought.

Dark looked at him angrily.

“Dark!” Mido yelled at him.

“I know!” Dark yelled back.

Dark charged yet again. Link, this time, got ready for a stab. Dark tried to block, but fail to see the vertical strike to his left leg.

And that would be three, Link thought.

Suddenly a tiny flowers popped up and bloomed. Small light balls came out and headed to Dark’s wounds and healed them. Mido came up to them.

“That was a great fight,” said Dark, “one I haven’t had in years.”

Link smiled. He handed the Master Sword back to Dark. Dark did the same thing as he did before to send it back. Birds started to tweet. Mido listen to them.

“It seems your boat is ready to leave,” he said.

“Aww,” Link said, “All ready?”

Mido giggled and patted him on the head.

“You can come and visit any time,” he said.

Link smiled again. They made it back to Forest Haven. Both Mido and Dark waved goodbye to Link with the rest of the Koroks.

“They don’t make hero’s like they use to,” commented Dark.

“What you mean?” Mido asked.

“The past two have been kids,” answered Dark, “I wish the next one to be at least if not, older.”

Mido smiled a little and looked to the sky.

“That would be the day,” he said, “Huh?”

The clouds parted a little ways to show the shape of what looked like to be a cross from a male Hylia and a red bird, flying in the sky.

“What?” Dark asked.

“Oh nothing,” answered Mido with a bigger smile, “come on. Let’s go back home.”

With that they went back into Forest Haven’s woods. Both hoping in the next 100 years a new hero would be taller and older.


Sorry if it seems rushed, XD I really wanted to get to next era because I have evil plans for it >:3 Any who, yes I still suck at fighting scenes. By the way, I found an online grammar checker and trying it out on this chapter. Let me know if it’s working or not.

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