Thunderclaw Part 2 – At War’s End


The year is now 1861 at the time of the civil war. A group of paid weres was at the white house waiting for the precedent’s speech of why all of them were here.

“Hey isn’t that Thunderclaw and her group over there?” asked a male were deer.

A male were otter looked over to were the deer was pointing. He gasped.

“That is them,” he answered.

“I wonder how much more they are getting paid,” chimed in a female were bear.

“Probably a lot,” said the deer, “considering they hate humans.”

“No that’s just me,” said Thunderclaw behind them.

Their eyes widen. All three of them bowed.

“Forgive us we didn’t mean to talk about you behind your back my lady,” apologized the bear.

Thunderclaw laughed. She pulled al three’s heads up.

“We are all the same here,” she said with a smile.

The smiled back at her.

“The precedent of the United States,” a guard yells.

All looked over at him.


Jacu sniffed the air. He girded his teeth. Thunderclaw looked at him with concerned.

“What’s wrong my love?” she asked.

“There’s a confederate spy among the guards,” he answered.

“Were at?” asked Kelinta.

“There.” he pointed.

“Want me to take him out?” asked Litaca.

“Pen him down and look for orders or a letter,” answered Thunderclaw.

Litaca nodded. She then started moving through the crowd. She was now behind the white house. She quietly went to the spy’s location. She bent down and pounced him. He let out a yell and everyone looked. Litaca digged in his pockets and pulled out a letter from one of the confederate generals. She handed it to one of the guards. They looked it over.

“He’s a spy sir,” he shouted to the precedent.

“You have our thanks then,” he said.

Litaca put her hand up and shook her head.

“no, no,” she said, “Your thanks go to my lady Thunderclaw.”

Lincoln smiled and looked over to her.

“Then thank you lady Thunderclaw,” he said.

Thunderclaw just simply nodded.


They were invited to dinner after what happen today. All four of them were in their human form so not to scare anyone to Thunderclaw’s dismay. They all got clothes that changed with their forms. Lindsey had on a one piece that was blue and gold. Her shoulders, sides, and back showed. A blue skirt, cut open in the front, went around her her back side. A long piece of gold cloth covered the front. On the top half of her outfit was lined with Sapphire. She wear a headpiece and necklace to match it. Her eyes stayed the same same dark blue before she got turned only their were silted. Kelly had on a one piece too. It was gold and red. The skirt was cute open on the side. There was a strip on the skirt that was red. Like Lindsey’s the top half was line with rubies. She too wear a headpiece and necklace that match. Her own eyes stay the same light blue as well. Jacob’s was different. He’s was a solid navy blue shirt and pants with silver lining. Same went with his sky blue eyes. Thunderclaw’s was a two piece that was gold and orange. Like Kelly’s there was a strip that was orange. She did not were a necklace or a headpiece. The top half was line with topaz. Thunderclaw’s own eyes did change how ever. The once clam, sweet, and innocent amber eyes were now a dangerous, pain filled, silted gold. The scare on her right eye was a reminder to her of her past life and a warning to those that foolishly challenge her. The doors open to the dinning room at the Lincoln home. The whole family was all ready seated. Chairs was pulled out for them. The meal was put on the table. Mrs. Lincoln was the first to speak.

“I would like to personally thank you for what all of you did today,” she said, “and also a congratulations on your anniversary.”

Thunderclaw nearly forgot. Today was the day her and Jacob got married. She smiled at the memory of the joyous day of her life.

“Thank you,” she said.

A while into their meal.

“There is more of a reason to why I asked you to join this war,” said Lincoln.

Thunderclaw looked up at him.

“And what exactly is that second reason for us?” she asked.

“Not us,” he answered, “just you.”

She gave him a puzzled look.

“All precedents are given a book of secrets,” he started, “and this book tells of your past Amila Carter.”

She looked down at the floor.

“My second reason for just you is this,” he said, “was to try and get you to trust us.”

She looked back up at him.

“Not all of us are like her,” he stated, “You’ll find that some in this world wish to be like all of you and get rid of those that hurt them.”

she looked down at the floor again.

“Amila,” he said.

She looked back up at him again.

“There are people that look up to you as a role model,” he said.

There was silence between the two.

“If,” she started, “there are humans as nice and as wise as you on this doomed world, then I’ll give them a chance.”

Lincoln smiled at this. She felt Jacob wrap his arm around her. They started to eat again. Dessert was served afterwards. Mrs. Lincoln looked at Jacob and Amila. They looked at her. Jacob grabbed his glass and started to sip it.

“So,” she started, “have you all ever thought about having any children?”

Jacob chocked on his drink, Kally and Lindsey giggled, and Amila’s cheeks turned red.

“Um,” Amila answered, “we haven’t thought that far a head yet.”


They were back at their forest home. Amila sighed and sat on the bed, Jacob looked over to her. He sat behind her and started to rub her shoulders.

“What’s the matter, sweet?” he asked.

“Just today,” she answered, “and I still can’t believe that there are humans at there that look up to me.”

“Well,” said Jacob, “They probably figured that if an innocent little girl, like you, can stand up to one’s enemy then they can as well.”

“There’s a flaw to what you just said,” she commented.

“Hum?” he asked.

“I’m not that innocent little girl anymore,” she answered.

Jacob snorted.

“You are in my eyes,” he commented.

Amila smiled. She turned her head and kissed him on the cheek. They then fell asleep in each other’s arms.


They were with several groups of weres in the forest area near a union camp. They were waiting for the signal. The union was getting their butts handed to them. They were all getting very anxious to join the fight, then a horn blow. It was the signal. All of the weres rushed out. After a few hours the confederate retreated. The Union’s wounded and dead were brought back to the camp. Jacu and Thunderclaw were looking around for Kelinta and Litaca. She frowned when she didn’t see them.

“Thunderclaw,” she herd Jacu called.

She walked over to him. He had a sad look on his face. He held a tent flap open. He nodded for her to look in. She did. Inside was the bodies of the dead. She stopped and gasped when she found the limp bodies of Kelinta and Litaca. Jacu pulled her to him and there and then a rare site occurred. Thunderclaw was crying into his chest. He rocked her. That same night she met with Lincoln. She was setting on a chair in his tent. He was in front of her. He took in her facial features before they talked. Her expression was blank and her eyes told of pain and sorrow.

“Are you sure you want to resign?” he asked.

She nodded.

“I want to quit this was before I lose the last one that’s dear to me,” she said with coldness in her voice.

“And does your husband know of this meeting?” he asked.

Amila shook her head.

“Then I’ll disguise this as your group bring re-leaved along with others,” he stated, “this war is coming to an end.”

Amila nodded. She got up and headed to the tent flap.

“Oh,” she said and faced him with a smile, “thanks for giving me a different view about humans.”

Lincoln smiled. She then left to her and Jacob’s tent.


the war was finally over. Though with great news comes the bad. Lincoln has been shot and is now on his death bed. Amila and Jacob was out on a strole in the clearing near their home. They were enjoying each other’s company. Laughing and giggling ’till they heard a shot fire. They turned into their were forms and looked around. They saw three man in confederate uniforms.

“Battle sores!” shouted Jacu.

He charged.

“Jacob no!” Thunderclaw shouted.

It was too late. One of them shoot and he was down. He turn back to his human form. Anger took her. She roared and charged. Her speed was faster then their trigger hands. Thus the true reason why she was known as Thunderclaw. All three were dead in a matter of seconds. She changed back into Amila and ran over to Jacob. She knelled down with tears in her eyes.

“Jacob?” she asked.

He laughed.

“I guess we won’t get those pups we wanted,” he said with a smile.

Amila laughed a little. He lifted his hand and to it in her’s. She felt him drop something into her’s. She closed it and pulled it a way. She then open her hand, in it was a gold necklace with three topaz stones and a headpiece that matched. She gasped and looked over at Jacob.

“I was going to give those to you on our anniversary, but….” he coughed, “we were too busy.”

Amila hugged him. Then the cries of more battle sore soldiers sounded. He looked over to the forest.

“Run,” he said.

“But,” started Amila.

Jacob shook his head.

“Run,” he said again, “I’ll be fine.”

Amila backed away, crying.

“Run and don’t ever look back,” she heard Jacob say.

She did just that..


She ran for a good few hours. She collapsed on the ground by a river. She cried her eyes out.

Everyone dear to me is now gone, she thought.

She looked up. She stared at the river. Her eye brows met. Then her eyes widen,

“This can’t be can it?” she asked her self.

She got up and headed to the forest’s edge. She gasped. She some how manage to run back to the school were she met Jacob at. She snorted at the site of decaying corpses that no one cared about to clean up or bury. She sighed. She went over to the wall and sat. she wrapped her arms around her knees. And thats how Mrs. Lincoln found her. She sat by side her.

“Amila?” she asked.

“I’m all alone now,” she answered, “just like these corpses.”

“Look at me please,” said Mrs. Lincoln.

Amila looked at her inn the eyes.

“We are both windows now,” she said, “but that doesn’t mean we should give up on life. I have children that need me and you have a whole life to live. Maybe you’ll find someone else that’s as good or better then Jacob.”

Amila sighed. She looked over to the left side of the forest.

:Maybe in China,” she said, “someone may love me there and heal these wounds of mine.”

“There you go ,” Mrs. Lincoln said, “Now then we saved Jacob’s body and we’ll be burying him with the other two. I know it’s hard, but please come to the funeral.”

she got up and dust off her dress. She then held out her hand to Amila who in return took it.


She threw the flowers down on his grave, she was in a black dress with her face covered. Black wasn’t her color. It was more of her sister’s, Mara. She snorted at the thought of her. She turned and started to walk away. She stopped and began to turn her head toward his grave. She stopped half way.

Don’t ever look back came the echoing last words that he said.

She looked forward and walked away. She’ll be on the first boat to China after today. There she’ll start a new life and hopefully find someone that’ll fix her.

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