Thunderclaw Part 1 – In The Beganning


This story is told in Amila’s POV! Picture of what they look like are down below in the artist comment.

It was a nice sunny day; I was at school like usual. I’m a freshman in high school in the year 1803 and we were playing outside for a while. I was fighting a problem that needed to be solved. I was in love, but not with just 1 person. I was in love with 2 people. Jacob or Bryan; I couldn’t choose between them. Oh I wish life were simpler. Wait scratch that I wish love was a simple thing!

Hey Amila,” said my older sister, Mara.

Yeah,” I said.

Its time to go in,” she told me.

Oh okay,” I said.

So I got up from the panic table and left. I guess I have to think about this some other time. Oh I should describe my self more to you all. I have short light brown hair with a tan bow in it, light brown eyes, and wearing a cream colored long sleeve shirt with a tan colored skirt that goes now to my ankles which so happens to be the schools uniform. Now as for Mara, she has green eyes, Short dark brown hair with no bow, and is wearing the same thing.

So anyways, I was heading to my math class when I bumped into Jacob by accident of coarse. I drop all of my books.

Oh sorry,” he said.

I said nothing and only blushed. He looked down and so did I. There was all my books and paper spiraled out all over the floor. I sighed and bent down to pick them up. Soon Jacob was on the floor too.

Here let me help you,” he said.

No, no need to I can get it,” I said.

No no it’s half of my fault too,” he said.

I blushed again and focused to get every thing picked up. After Jacob helped me up and handed me the last book.

You know you should pay attention to were you’re going,” he said with a smile, “Okay?”

I bushed and hid part of my face behind my books, “Okay.”

With that he waved and left. I waved back and then my eyes widen. I couldn’t believe it! That was my only chance to tell Jacob about my feelings for him! Then after a while I walked into Bryan. He didn’t say anything just gave me a death glare. I think I’ll tell him how I feel. Besides I like him more then the other.

6 weeks ago I told Bryan how I felt about him and now we’re going out. I was so happy and joyful. I walked out and the smile It had turned into a frown. There on the hill was Mara kissing Bryan! I couldn’t believe it, my own sister kissing my boyfriend. I just wanted to cry and run away!

That’s exactly what I did. I ran into the forest not looking were I was going. I stopped and fall down to my knees and cried.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” I screamed at the top of lungs.

I cried for what seems like hours. I stopped and looked around at my surroundings.

Where am I?” I asked my self, “How far did I run?”

Then my stomach growled. I put my hand over my stomach. I started to walk around when I spotted a lake and went over to it. A scooped up some water and drink it. Ever thing was fine for a while ’till my ribs started to hurt. I held my sides. Then my head started to pound. I let a scream, but it didn’t sound like a normal human scream. I blacked out. When I woke up 2 hours later; I look at myself in the water of the lake. My eyes widen.

Oh my god!” I yelled.

I have become a Were Cheetah. I looked at my self and noted that I have some strange lightning like spots on claws.

Amila what’s wrong,” said someone back behind me.

I looked and saw a Were Wolf, a Were Fox, and a Were Panther. I started to panic.

Who are you?” I asked scarily.

Amila, it’s us, Jacob, Kelly, and Lindsey,” said the Were Wolf now known as Jacob.

Did all of you look at yourself lately?” I asked.

They all look at them self’s in the rivers reflection and gaps escaped they’re mouths.

We look horrible,” said the Were Panther now known as Lindsey.

I think we shouldn’t go back to the school,” said the Were Fox now known as Kelly.

I pouted. Maybe Kelly was right. I mean we would scare some people like this. So we waited until night time when we changed back to our normal self’s. We found our way back thanks to Lindsey for marking the trail when they came to find me. When we made it up the hill there was one of our teachers, Mrs. Waters, standing there looking angry at us.

Where have all of you been?” asked Mrs. Waters, “We’ve been out here looking for you all day.”

Sorry Mrs. Walker,” we all said together.

We all went inside and soon got home. Back home I was talking to my mom.

We all were worry about you,” said Mom.

I’m sorry Mom.” I said.

Well don’t do that again,” said Mom.

I’ll try,” I said sadly.

I walked back to my room to go to bed, it has been a bad day. Mara then stepped in front of me blocking my way.

Where were you?” she asked, but I didn’t answered.

Hey,” she said grabbing my shoulders.

Don’t touch me,” I growled through my teeth.

Mara quickly let go. I walked past her.

I was worried you know!” she shouted at me.

I just closed the door and fall onto my bed wanting for her to go die in a corner. I got up and changed and went to bed. When the sun started to come out I turn back into a Were Cheetah. I went though the window and looked back and saw Mom and Dad looking at me. I really wasn’t surprised at all that Mara wasn’t there. I roar at them and ran off. I know now that I can no longer go home any more. Especially with that slut of a sister of mine there.

I ran in the direction of the forest near the school. Some how I felt that Jacob, Kelly, and Lindsey were already there. When I got to the forest I saw my friends; the same ones that were there for me since the first time I changed. We decided that we should live in the forest for now on.

After what seemed like 2 months I was crouch down in the bushes. I was watching Mara and Bryan being all lovely dovey to each other. It made me so mad that I slash at a tree and then it fell down, with a big boom, beside me. Everyone was looking at the same spot where they herd a boom. I went, while ducking down, to see how the tree fell; I saw where I slash it then I look at my claw.

Hmm,” I said.

Then I looked back where Mara and Bryan were standing at with an evil grin on my face. I waited for Bryan to walk off and leave Mara alone. That’s when I got ready to attack her. I ran toward her, making her scream. Bryan then decided to come and stab me in the right eye with his knife. He started to come after me again when Jacob came and bearing his fangs which scared him off. Jacob came over and picked me up bridal style, and carried me back into the forest. Lindsey took care of my cut.

Good thing that the knife didn’t go in any deeper,” she said, “Or you would have gone blind in that eye.”

What were you doing any way?” asked Kelly.

She was trying to kill Mara,” answered Jacob.

Oh,” Kelly said.

3 months went by; we learn how to change from Human to Were and something magical happened. Jacob and I fell in love with each other. He makes me so happy after I been so sad and angry. I’m glad to have met him. I’m also glad that we can remain together forever and to us now that’s a long time

Any ways we want back to school. One girl, Sally, came up to me.

Amila you missed all the excitement,” she said.

Oh and what was it?” I asked.

Thunderclaw attacked Mara,” she answered.

Who?” I asked confused

It was a Were Cheetah,” Sally answered, “Bryan named it. He said that there was lightning shaped spots on it’s claws. Oh and there was a Were Wolf too. I think he named that one Jacu? I don’t know the reason for that one. Well I have to go now, bye!”

Um, bye,” I said.

So Bryan gave Jacob’s and mines Were forms names. How interesting. I should see what Lindsey and Kelly want to call theirs. I went out side because classes hasn’t started yet. There I saw Mara ran into a different part of the forest, for what I don’t know. I looked over and saw some girls yelling at Bryan.

It seems he broke up with her,” said Jacob wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

Seems so,” I said leaning in to him, “Oh he gave our Were forms names.”

Oh he did?” Jacob asked.

Yep,” I answered, “I’m Thunderclaw and your Jacu.”

Well that’s no fair!” I heard Kelly say from behind me.

Jacob and I both turned to look at her.

I want a name too,” said Lindsey beside her.

I smiled and said, “Well what do you want to be called then?”

They both thought for a while.

Kelinta,” Kelly answered.

Litaca,” Lindsey said after Kelly.

Jacob and I both laughed, which was soon cut short by a howl. It sounded like a coyote’s.

Damn her!” I shouted and ran to the forest.

Every one was so mesmerized by the howl that they didn’t noticed me. The others soon followed me. I was so focused on getting to Mara that I didn’t noticed Bryan had all ready come into the forest ’till I saw him hugging a Were Coyote like Mara. I crossed my arms and smiled evilly.

Well, well isn’t it the 2 love birds,” I said.

Amila!” they both shouted in anger.

What not happy to see me?” I asked.

Why are you here?” Mara asked.

Why a little bit of revenged,” I answered, “Though I’m sure that someone would like to do something to you, Bryan.”

Who?” Bryan asked.

I looked back behind him.

Jacob!” he said with a gasp.

Jacob hit Bryan, he flow and hit a tree.

You finish him off,” I said noticing that Mara was hiding behind a tree, “As for you, Mara, how dare you go and betray me! I thought you were my sister.”

I am,” said Mara while coming toward me.

Shut up!” I yelled, changing into Thunderclaw, “I trusted you, loved you, and you have to go and brake my heart.”

Amila please I love you,” she said.

No, no more lies!” I yelled in anger, “Just go and die, you slut!”

With that I grabbed Mara by the neck and started to choke her to death. And than I noticed that Kelly and Lindsey coming toward me.

Kill all the humans at the school,” I ordered them.

Kelly and Lindsey nodded and ran to killed all that they could catch. Finally Jacob and I killed Mara and Bryan; their lives ended with a loud snap. It was over and all of time was over. We left that place with out a trace. Every one is still trying to find us, but I doubt they can. Finally dear sister I am happy and there is nothing you can do to take it away.

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