Request – Xehanort-Aqua & Eraqus-Aqua Posing

Requested by alkiller77

I think I finally figured out how to get Aqua to loo less like Xion…I think…

Xehanort is the on in the gold while Eraqus is the one in white.

Eraqus: Ventus, Vanitas! Quite the coincidence meeting you here! It’s me, Master Eraqus!
Xehanort: Good to see that you two are doing well… Have you seen Terra and Aqua around here?
Eraqus: You probably should explain to Ventus and Vanitas why I was missing for a couple of days…
Xehanort: Right… Well… Vanitas, you remember when I said I was going to visit an old friend right?



4 Request - Xehanort-Aqua & Eraqus-Aqua Posing.png

Request – Abdo With His Girls

Requested by Tanookidude64

I can’t do humanoid animals very well 😦 I’m sorry. I, also, wasn’t too sure how to do Patrouille’s chair.Speaking of her, I gave her annoyed look due to what the raccoon is doing….which I may have added by accident….As for why the Banana Fairy Princess the skimpiest…don’t ask because I don’t know myself >,>

2 Request - Abdo With His Girls.png

OrganizationXIII Keyblades 1 – 4

I wanted to do these for a while, but I never had time to do it until now. 5 -8 will be uploaded the next time I have some free time.

Anyway for Xemnas’ I combined pieces of Terra’s keyblade with his weapon plus the nobody symbol. The keychain is the buckle from Terra’s belt.

Xigbar’s is his gun. Keychain is a type of sight for a gun…I think…..

Xaldin’s is his spear. The circle around the handle is supposed to be clouds, but I failed at it. The keychain is the end piece of Dilan’s own spear.

On Vexen’s the handle is his shield. It acts like a proctor for your hand. The teeth are the spikes from the shield and the keychain is the end piece of it as well.


OrganizationXIII Keyblades 1 - 4.png

Mara Carter-Vantrove Character Sheet

Name: Mara Carter-Vantrove

Age: 217

Relatives: Kou Vantrove (Husband), Lily Vantrove (Adopted Daughter), Rani (Son), Amila Carter-Oshi (Little Sister), Sethinu Oshi (Brother-in-Law), Dongwa (adopted nephew), Sogwa (adopted niece), Sheegwa (adopted niece), Uro (nephew)

Were Form: Were Coyote (Name-Misoi)

Personality: Caring, stubborn, headstrong, loyal. She is always there for her sister, Amila.

A bit of The Story: She was a normal human that lived in the 1800’s til she noticed her little sister’s new boyfriend, Brain, was acting unfaithfully to Amila. Mara investigates to find that he was with two other girls. He caught her looking and Mara decided to keep Amila away from Brian was to pretend to be with him. Mara knew it would break Amila’s heart, but it was better that then dealing with a cheat. Mara came to a river that seemed odd. Once she drank from it; she was able to change into a were. She was killed by Amila (Amila never knew at the time about Brian) and then resurrected by Lily. From there Mara meets Kou and was reunited with her sister and future brother-in-law Sethinu. She and the others went to live in a hidden kingdom in China, named Thundra.

Mara 1Mara School UniformMara 2Mara Outfit After ResurrectionMara 3Mara Outfit While Living in Thundra MisoiMisoi, Mara’s Were Form