Of Dusk And Twilight Chapter 5

Lunar Night, Sky Blaze, Dusk, Twisted Magic, and Sapphire Rush belongs to me
Bloody Chaos and Rose Bud belongs to Amber
Red Star, Searing Fear, Luciana MoonFlame, and Sharik Solarus belongs to Becca
Lightning Bolt belongs to tyler.coates.9085
Twin Sparks, Reaverstein , and Prince Necromorph belongs to Dragon-koopa9

Note: These ponies’ names have been changed due to a falling out with yet another person. There fore I do not have permission to use them any more.

Scarlet Fever is now Lunar Night
Blond mane and tail with green eyes, black color, cutie mark is stars, personalty is a care free type

Lighthouse is now Sky Blaze
Red mane and tail with orange eyes, sky blue color, cutie mark is a cloud with a trail of fire behind it, personalty is a dreamer like with a bit of a care free side.

If you are reading this from the beginning then ignore the note.


Dusk had gotten better, though he was told not to use any spells for two more days. He was walking his halls and would stop now and then to speak with the wounded. He was that type of ruler that are there fir their people unlike Dusk’s parents. The older generation, though they dislike his choice of allies, liked it as well.

“Looks like someone is up and around,” stated Rarity.

Twilight looked. She smiled seeing how caring Dusk was to his people. She then frowned when she remembered that the force field she put up wasn’t going to last long.

“Something must be up.” Twilight caught the tail end of whatever Applejack said.

“Huh?” Twilight asked.

“One of the unicorns,” answered Rainbow Dash, “I think her name was Twisted Magic, just came racing by toward Prince Dusk.”

Twilight looked. There was a serious and concern look on his face.

“Come,” said Twilight, “let’s see if it’s something we can help with.”

The rest of the main six nodded.

“I’m not sure if the rest are still working or not,” they herd as they approached, “Searing Fear is checking right now.”

Dusk nodded.

“Let’s wait and see how many need to be replaced,” he said, “hopefully the barrier will last that long.”

Twisted nodded.

“What’s going on?” asked Applejack.

Dusk and Twisted looked at the main six.

“We have crystal like gems that, with a bit of magic, puts out a barrier that lasts forever,” answered Dusk, “but it seems that a few, if not more, have gone out. That is probably why the changeling are attacking.”

“Do you know where to get more of them?” asked Dash.

“There is a cave that is far from here that has them,” answered Twisted, “but we have to dig them up due to them being deep under ground. That alone will take days to do let alone the gem eating dogs that live there.”

“Days?” asked Pinky Pie, “Don’t you have a spell, like Rarity here, that can find them?”

Twisted blinked and looked at Rarity who was blushing and looking away.

“You have a spell that can do that?” Twisted asked.

Rarity nodded.

“Then will you help us in finding replacement gems?” Twisted asked.

Rarity nodded again.

“I will try my best,” she said.

Just then a black unicorn with a black and red mane and tail and golden eyes came up. On closer inspection, Twilight could tell that his eyes where slitted.

“What is the damage Searing Fear?” asked Dusk.

‘There is five that have lost their power,” Searing Fear answered, “three on the left side while two on the right side. All others are going strong with no sign of failing.”

Dusk nodded.

“Good,” he said before turning to Rarity, “Hopefully that won’t be too much for you.”

“Wait,” said Twilight, “I’m going too.”

“Twilight I don’t th-” started Dusk.

“I know the spell and can cast it to,” interrupted Twilight, “plus it’ll be faster and easier on Rarity.”

“Twilight please do-” Dusk started to argue.

“Please let me do this Dusk,” said Twilight.

There was doubt in Dusk’s eyes.

“Oh please don’t start fighting,” said Flutter Shy.

Dusk sighed in defeat.

“Red Star and Lightning Bolt come here please,” he called out.

Twilight and Rarity looked at each other, unsure of what Dusk was planning. A red female unicorn with curly blond mane and tail came up and bowed. She had green eyes. Then a blue male Pegasus with blond with two red streaks in his mane and tail came and bowed as well. He had blue eyes.

“I want the two of you to go and help and protect Princess Twilight and Lady Rarity,” commanded Dusk.

Red Star and Lightning Bolt bowed again.

“Yes your majesty,” they said.

Red Star gave a quick loving gaze to her husband, Searing Fear, before the four headed out of the palace.

“My prince,” started Twin Sparks coming to Dusk, “I am sensing signs of fading with the barrier.”

“Now what do we do?” asked Searing Fear.

“Princess Twilight is the only one that can cast the spell still,” said Twisted.

“There is him,” Dusk said simply.

Sparks’ eyes widen.

“But my prince,” he started, “Prince Bloody Chaos will never step a hoof in this kingdom even if you threaten Celestia’s life.”

Dusk gave him a look that made Sparks instantly back down.

“I know of one thing that will make him come back,” Dusk said heading out of the palace.

“At least take a few-” Sparks started.

“No,” interrupted Dusk, “I can get there a lot faster by my self.”

With that he took off. Sparks shook his head and went back in.


Necromorph watched as Dusk flew off. Few of his changelings got ready to follow. Necromorph raised a hoof.

“Do not follow,” he ordered, “I have other plans for him.”

The changeling prince looked toward the palace and it’s city.

“Besides,” he began, “our real mission is about to be reopen to us.”


“The cave isn’t that far now,” said Red Star.

Her, Rarity, Twilight, and Lightning Bolt have galloped what seem to be miles away to a cave that held what they were looking for. The entrance was in a mountain and it was huge. Rarity’s eyes sparkled as she noticed the many colored crystals that lined the walls and roof.

“This is crystal cave my ladies,” said Bolt.

“What does the crystal that we are looking for look like?” asked Twilight.

“It’s the same size of your hoof,” started Star, “it’s in a kind of oval shape, but has points. It’s, also, a golden color.”

“That sounds pretty,” commented Rarity.

“Yes,” agreed Star, “we call it Citrine. It’s very hard to find due to it being deep underground.”

“Well with my spell,” started Rarity proudly, “no matter how deep it is, I’ll find it.”

Star and Bolt smiled.

“Good,” said Bolt, “because I hate to see Alamoria in those damn changelings hooves.”

With that said both Twilight’s and Rarity’s horns glowed. They lowered their heads to the ground and began their search for the elusive Citrine.


It only took Dusk an hour to get to Equestria’s castle. Were he with guards it would have taken him three hours. The guards at the front gate instantly let Dusk through. It wasn’t every day that the prince of Alamoria comes, much less alone. He looked at one guard next to the stairs.

“I’m looking for prince Chaos,” said Dusk, “where might I find him?”

“He would be in the study with Lady Lunar Night,” the guard answered, “follow me.”

It wasn’t rare to hear that Chaos was off some where else while Celestia was dealing with other ponies. Chaos just didn’t like crowds. That’s why, most of the time, if he is to show up at some big party he is at the far side away from others. And if he were to stay by Celestia’s side he would be seen fidgeting or looking up at a clock. Dusk sighed.

I pray he will at least listen to me, he thought.


Chaos was reading a book in the study. His sister, Lunar Night, was sitting on the floor, drawing something. There was a knock on the door.

“Yes?” Chaos asked looking up from his book.

The door open to revile a guard. The guard bowed.

“The prince of Alamoria requests an audience with you my prince,” he answered.

Chaos’ ears flatten causing Night to sigh. Chaos wanted to denied seeing Prince Dusk, but he knew that if Celestia caught wind of it, she would rip him a new one. Chaos sighed.

“Let him in,” he said.

The guard bowed and stepped a side. Dusk came into the room before the door was shut.

“What is it?” asked Chaos.

Dusk winced at the bitterness tune in Chaos’ voice.

“I came seeking your aid,” he answered, “Alamoria is-”

“I’m not going back there,” interrupted Chaos.

“Brother let him speak,” said Night, “continue please Prince Dusk.”

“Alamoria is being attacked by changelings,” Dusk started over again, “Twilight Sparkle has used my barrier spell to keep them at bay for a bit. But it is failing now.”

“Then why don’t you do it?” asked Chaos.

“Because I’m still recovering from a magic induced fever,” answered Dusk.

“Oh,” was all Chaos said.

“You are the only other unicorn I know of that is strong enough to cast the spell,” said Dusk.

“I’m not going back there,” Chaos repeated him self from earlier.

“Brother please,” begged Night.

“No,” said Chaos.

“They didn’t abandon you,” said Dusk.

“What?” asked Chaos.

“Your parents,” answered Dusk, “they didn’t abandon you. That was a lie that my mother told you to lower your guard and to trust her.”

Chaos was now confused.

“What you are saying is that Queen Luciana MoonFlame and King Sharik Solarus kidnapped me?” he asked.

Dusk nodded.

“They wanted you because of your power and the spell you knew,” he said.

“Spell?” asked Night.

“Your brother was the one who created the forbidden spell to move the sun and moon,” answered Dusk.

Night gasped and looked at her brother. There was a guilty look on Chaos’ face.

“Please don’t tell Celestia and Luna,” he said.

Night nodded. She understood this. If the sisters found out that it was Chaos that created the spell then all hell would brake loose. Chaos would no longer be trusted which will force him to run away again. Chaos sighed in defeat.

“All right,” he said, “I’ll go, but only this once.”

Dusk smiled.

“I can port us straight tot he throne room,” said Night.

Dusk and Chaos nodded. Night’s horn glowed and then they were ported to Alamoria. The next they herd was ponies screaming.

“Oh no!” Dusk shouted.

He galloped to be outside of the palace. There were changeling every where.

“My prince,” he herd Sapphire Rush say, “you came back just in time. The barrier faded away just a few minuets ago.”

“Just a few minuets ago!?” exclaimed Dusk, “then why are there so many?”

Sapphire was about to answer when she herd some pony call for help. She looked and sighed. It was the noble Reaverstein . He was a unicorn, yes, but he rather not use magic claiming that it would dirty him up. He was all ways so hard on Dusk too. He was a aqua green color with a black mane tail that had silver tips. He usually wears a hat. He was being attacked. Sapphire had half a mind to leave him there, but thought other wise. Sapphire came swooping down and then kicking the changeling into a wall. Reaverstein sighed in relief.

“Well it seems the Pegasi know how to do their jobs at least,” he stated.

“Just go and find a safe place to hide will you,” Sapphire said before flying off.

Reaverstein tsked and ran off to hide. Dusk looked all around him. He gritted his teeth and started to prepare a spell.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” said some pony.

Dusk looked to Chaos and Night right behind him.

“You might collapse with a fever again,” Chaos sighed.

“But I can’t just stand here and do nothing!” shouted Dusk.

“You can do something,” said Chaos, “you can give me the knowledge for your barrier spell.”

Dusk sighed and nodded. His and Chaos’ eyes glowed orange. Chaos’ ears flatten after the spell was given.

“This is it?” he asked sounding a bit disappointed.

Dusk nodded. He was a bit confused though. Chaos sighed and started to cast the spell. His horn flashed causing a huge force to push all changelings out of Alamoria. A small earthquake shook the earth as a red force field was created. Dusk’s eyes widen by all of this. His spell wasn’t suppose to do all of that.

“I hope you don’t mind,” said Chaos looking at Dusk, “but I added a few modifications to your spell.”

Dusk sweat dropped.

“Uh yes,” he said, “that’s fine.”

No wonder my parents took him, Dusk thought, though he is weaker to Celestia, he still is very powerful.

“Bloody Chaos?” some pony asked in disbelief.

Night looked as Chaos lowered his head with his ears flatten. His sister smiled and said the one word that he really hate to hear.

“Daddy!” Night shouted.

Searing Flame was staring at his son, Bloody Chaos, in disbelief. Fear stepped forward.

“That is you right?” he asked.

“Of coarse it is daddy,” answered Night, “I found him like I promised.”

Fear smiled and nuzzled his daughter. He, then, frowned while looking back at his son. Chaos wouldn’t even look at him. Dusk sighed and lowered his head to be at the same level to Chaos’ ear.

“You owe him some father and son time,” Dusk said, “after all he and your mother both blame them selves, in quotations, for you running away from home.”

Chaos looked at him in confusion.

“But I didn’t run away from them,” he said in alarm, “I mean I did run away from Alamoria, but that was to get away from the king and queen.”

“That’s just what my father told them,” said Dusk.

Chaos’ ears flatten again before looking a head. He sighed and turn to his father. There was a small smile on Fear’s face.

“Hello father,” Chaos said.

Fear hugged his son tightly.

“Mother would be most happy to see you again after all these years,” he said letting Chaos go.

“Where is momma anyways?” asked Night.

“She is with Lady Rarity and Princess Twilight getting some more Citrine to replace the ones that went out,” answered Fear.

Chaos raised a brow for the use of princess for Twilight, but he choose not to ask. Dusk frowned upon hearing Twilight’s name. He looked at the sky to see that the sun was just a few hours away from setting.

It wouldn’t take this long to find those gems…He thought.


Twilight collapsed for what seem like the 5th time. Just one more, they just needed one more Citrine and then they could leave. Bolt came up to her.

“Princess?” he asked.

“Just need to rest for a few seconds,” Twilight answered.

Star frowned and looked around. Earlier she had sense movement with in some of the tunnels.

“Ah,” said Rarity, “I found one.”

“Yay,” said Twilight weakly.

Star came over and dug it up. She placed the Citrine in one bag and the other gems in another bag. Those gems were going to use to make jewelry for the earth ponies and magical amulets for the unicorns.

“All right,” said Bolt helping Twilight up, “the exit is this way.”

Just then the ground shook.

“What the?” wondered Star.

Stalactites started to fall. One was heading down toward Rarity. Bolt dashed to her and pushed her out of the way in time.

“Thanks,” said Rarity.

“No problem my lady,” Bolt said.

Just then the entrance to the tunnel caved in. every pony coughed. The smoke cleared as soon as the ground stopped shaking.

“Oh no,” said Rarity, “the way out is…”

“Don’t worry Lady Rarity,” said Star, “I’ll find us another way out.”

Her horn glowed a lovely red and then she started to walk one direction with the others following her.


Necromorph growled looking back at the tunnel they just finished hours ago. They were going to use it to sneak under the wall, but not any more. Thanks to that earthquake, it collapsed. Only he and two hoof full of changelings made it through. Speaking of changelings, one of the two he sent to check out the city had come back.

“Prince Necromorph,” it said, “my analysis of the wall is complete. Six of the Citrine crystals have faded in power while the other forty four are still going strong.”

“That explains all of the barriers they keep putting up,” Necromorph said.

The second changeling came back.

“Prince,” this one said, “Prince Dusk is outside the palace. But I have only counted four of the six elements there. Magic and Generosity are gone.”

“If I remember correctly,” said Necromorph, “Generosity had a gem finding spell that she taught magic. You three, go to crystal cave find these two. Come back to me once you do. Remain hidden.”

These changelings bowed and flow off.

“Prince,” said the second one.

‘What?” asked Necromorph.

“The prince of Equestria is there as well,” the changeling answered with fear in it’s eyes.

Necromorph felt his blood run cold. He knew a lot about Bloody Chaos. More then any pony did and should know. Chaos had three spells that he never would hesitate to use. One was to tore some pony a part. Another would turn them inside out and then port them back to where they came from just to cause panic and chaos. Then the last spell would make some pony explode. These spells gave meaning to his name, Bloody Chaos. Necromorph swallowed.

“Let’s just stay away from the city for a while,” he said.

The changelings quickly agreed with him.


I’m very sorry for the wait and all the bad luck I keep having with the ocs and that. Also if you would like your oc in the story as a background character like Lightning Bolt, just pm me their name, cutie mark, a description, type of pony, and how they act.

Searing Fear: http://xemxemstar.Deviantart.com/art/Searing-Fear-Character-Sheet-415596895?q=gallery%3AXemXemStar%2F44554491&qo=2

Red Star: http://xemxemstar.Deviantart.com/art/Red-Star-Character-Sheet-415595811?ga_submit_new=10%253A1410645715&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1

Luciana MoonFlame: http://xemxemstar.Deviantart.com/art/Luciana-MoonFlame-Character-Sheet-385074625?q=gallery%3AXemXemStar%2F44554491&qo=4

Shair Solarus: http://xemxemstar.Deviantart.com/art/Shair-Solarus-Character-Sheet-385075110?q=gallery%3AXemXemStar%2F44554491&qo=5

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