Many Years of Pain Chapter 14


All in this fic belongs to Nintendo!


Link was allowed to to sit up, but not to get out of bed. Mido brought him some soup.

“Now be careful,” Mido warned, “it’s still hot.”

Link nodded and blow on a spoon full of it. He ate it.

“This is good,” he complemented.

“Thank you,” Mido said with a small blush.

“Where did the wolf and Dark go?” Link asked.

“I sent them to help protect Ordon,” Mido answered.

Link nodded. Mido had told him what had happen. Link kicked him self for gotten beaten. He looked at Mido.

“You look familiar,” he said.

“I was the one that brought you to the village,” Mido said.

“Oh yeah,” Link said, “you looked pretty then, too.”

Mido blushed some more. He cleared his throat.

“You should be able to leave tomorrow,” he said.

Link nodded and took another spoon full of soup.

“Do all Kokiri control plant life?” he asked wanting to understand Mido’s race.

Mido shook his head.

“Only two could,” he answered, “I’m the stronger one though due to age.”

“And how old are you exactly?” Link asked.

“A bit over 400,” Mido answered.

Link’s eyes widen.

“You’re also the 5th Link I meet in my life time,” Mido said.

“Must be hard to remember which Link is who,” commented Link.

Mido laughed causing Link’s heart to skip a beat.

“At times I find my self thinking Time is a different Link,” Mido admitted, “though you kind of look like him too.”

Link smiled and chuckled.

“Oh you’re done,” Mido said taking Link’s emptying bowl away.

He went clean it. Link sighed and smiled when he herd Mido humming.

He’s interesting and pretty, he thought.


The kids were watching Colin practice with his sword. Time and Dark stopped.

“I would meld into the shadows,” Time whispered.

“Yeah,” Dark whispered, “try not to scare anyone.”

Time rolled his eye as Dark faded away. Time watched the kids for a bit before he laid down under Epona. The horse nudged Time’s head.

Hey now,” he whispered, “I’m not your Link.”

With a lick Epona went back to grazing.

“Can you do the spin attack that Link can do yet?” Beth asked.

Colin blushed. He turned to her.

“Not very well,” he answered, “I still need more – is that a golden wolf?”

The others looked over at Time. Time’s ears fell flat against his head. He didn’t like the looks the children were giving him. Beth squeed and ran to Time. She hugged him tightly.

“Aren’t you the cutest thing,” she said, “yes you are.”

Time whimpered. The others came to him and started petting and tugging on his fur.

“Whoa now,” came Ilia’s voice, “stop pulling at his fur or he’ll bite you. He doesn’t look like hes enjoying it..”

The children stopped. Time sighed in relief. Epona snorted and shook her head when a shadow darted off. Time rolled his eye again.

Figures he’ll stay and watch my suffering, he thought.

The children went back to watching Colin practice with his sword. Time glanced back to the entrance of the forest. His ears would turn to every little sound as well.

It’s like he’s looking out for something, Ilia thought.

“You’re one of Prince Mido’s friends,” she said, “aren’t you?”

Time looked back at her and nodded. Ilia smiled.

“Thank you then,” she said.

Time nodded again and went back to looking around.


A day past and Link was fine enough to go home. Mido was checking him one more time. Mido smiled. Link blushed.

“Now we’re going to have to walk back,” Mido said, “I don’t have a horse and I don’t want to put Epona in danger.”

“Okay,” Link said a bit sadly.

“She’s at Ordon,” Mido said, “you get to see her then.”

That wasn’t what Link was sad about. He was going to miss Mido. He hugged him, causing Mido to blush.

“Thanks for taking care of me,” Link said.

“You’re welcome,” Mido said returning the hug.

They got ready and left Mido’s home.

“You know,” Link started half way through their journey, “you look like you just hit 20.”

Mido frowned and looked a head.

“I’m sorry,” Link apologized after noticing Mido’s look.

“No it’s alright,” Mido said, “some events happened with the Twili that cause me to be cursed. The once great deku tree cured me, but at a cost. I was to age slowly. My kind wasn’t suppose to to began with.”

Link frowned.

“Was there no other way?” he asked.

Mido shook his head. Link looked a head. He felt very bad about what happened to Mido.

“I dislike the Twili because of it,” said Mido.

Link looked back at Mido.

“Not all of them are like that,” he said remembering Midna.

Mido’s eyes narrowed. He crossed his arms, and stopped.

“You’re friends with one aren’t you?” he asked.

Link swallowed and nodded. Mido sighed.

“Just watch your back when around Midna,” Mido warned, “she’s their princess after all.”

Link just nodded. He knew he could trust Midna. After all they have been through a lot together.


The kids were laughing as they talked and played around. Russell was watching them. He was making sure nothing came to harm them. He looked over at Time, who was on alert. Russell found him a bit interesting. Time’s ears twitched and he sniffed the air. He stood up and his tail wagged. He raced to the entrance.

Must have smelt something, Russell thought.

He, then, noticed Epona sniffing the air. She naaed and ran past Time. Russell was now curious, Epona’s hooves sounded as she walked back with someone. It was Link and Mido.

“Link!” The kids shouted and ran to him.

Link smiled and got on his knees so they could hug him. Mido smiled. Russell did as well before he saw a shadow dart across. The shadow grew and a dark version of Link stepped out.

“Mido,” he said, “we have a problem.”

Dark pointed up wards to the east. Everyone looked. A certain of Twilight was heading to them at an alarming speed.

“Link,” started Mido.

“Going,” interrupted Link as he headed up to his home to get ready for a fight.

“Come children,” Russell said ushering them back home to safety.

Link came back down with his green clothes and sword and shield on. He looked up . The Twilight was almost to his house.

“I suggest we move back to the village,” said Time.

“I agree,” Link said taking Epona’s reins.

He lead her to the village with everyone else. The Twilight grew and grew ’till it covered the village at last.

“Um Time,” said Dark, “were is Link and Mido?”

Time looked around. All he saw was Epona.

“Oh no,” he said.


Link opened his eyes. He was on four legs. He looked at what should have been his hands that was now paws.

Great, he thought, I’m a wolf again.

“That’s weird,” came the voice of Mido, “I usually turn into some type of monster when expose to Twilight.”

Link looked and gasped. Mido still had his orange-ish red hair and blue eyes, but his skin was white and black like a Twili. He had their strange markings too except his glowed green. The emerald, on his crown, glowed too. Mido looked over to Link. He blushed when he noticed him staring at him. Link coughed and looked around.

“I think we should start looking for away to lift this,” he suggested.

Mido nodded in agreement. They had cross the bridge when Link noticed Mido looking at something. Mido looked back at Link with a glare. Link’s head lowered and his ears fall flat against his head.

“Think she’s your friend now?” Mido asked.

Link’s ears shot up and looked. There was Midna and some other Twili. It looked like she was giving them orders. Link’s ears fall flat against his head again.

Midna, he thought, what have you done?


Now before any of you yell at me, Midna is not the villain of this era!

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