Fox Emperor Chapter 9


All in this fic belongs to the creator of Inuyasha. Ocs belong to me!



Note: This is Naraku talking to Shippo through his mind.






Shippo’s eyes darted around the trees. He was looking for any kind of movement. Inuyasha sighed. He was getting tired of waiting.



Where the hell are they? He asked himself.



His ears twitched when he herd marching. Inuyasha stood up straight when he noticed Shippo’s eyes narrowed. The first line of the spider army came through the trees. It stretched from one side of Demontra to the other. As they marched more and more lines showed up. They stopped some feet away from those who were protecting the city. The spiders taunted them.



“Get ready,” ordered the commanders in charge.



A loud monstrous roar sounded from behind the spiders. This cause them to charge in. The protectors got their weapons ready and started to cut the spiders’ size down. Or so they thought. More and more kept coming.



“How many are there?” Koga asked as he slashed one down.



Kagome shot a holy arrow at another.



“I’m not sure,” she answered.



Another holy arrow was shot. Kagome didn’t fire that one. She looked around and smiled. It was Rin who fired it. A giant boomerang flew across some, decapitating them. Kagome looked up to find Sango and her brother on Kirara. She then noticed Miroku off in the distance.



Ah, Kagome thought, so everyone is here, That’s good!



She went back to killing spiders. Shippo expanded The Fang of The Fox and whipped it across a huge group of spiders, cutting them in half.



My my my Shippo, came the voice of Naraku in his head, haven’t you grown.



Get out of my head Naraku, Shippo ordered.



Now what would be the fun in that? Naraku asked.



Shippo whipped The Fang of The Fox back into a blade. He growled. His eyes turned red.



So much hatred, stated Naraku, so much anger.



Shippo put a hand on his head when it started to pound.



Let me just fuel it for you, said Naraku.



Shippo dropped to his knees. Inuyasha looked over at him and frowned. Shippo looked like he was in a great deal of pain. Inuyasha started to try to make his way to him. He stopped when Shippo got up and turned into his fox form. He started to bite and burn the spiders.



Hours later and both sides still wasn’t giving up the fight. Sesshomaru cut some more spiders with Tokijin. He glanced around at their numbers. Both sides seem to be equal. Sesshomaru then saw Shuro lead a group of fox demons into Demontra. He smiled and then frowned when he herd an angry howl. He looked over at Shippo. He was shaking his head.



Get out! Shippo shouted in his head, get out! Get out!



It’s useless to resist me, stated Naraku.



Shippo howled again and started to ban his head on the ground.



“Shippo!” Inuyasha called out, “stop that!”



Sesshomaru moved to aid his brother. Shippo’s nine tails whipped back and forth and then hit the ground with a whip like snap. He growled when Inuyasha reached for him.



That’s it, said Naraku, take it all out on Inuyasha.



No! Shouted Shippo.



He started to shake his head again after he backed away from Inuyasha. Sesshomaru, then, noticed something. The spiders were going around them, ignoring them.



That can’t be good, he thought.



A bloodthirsty growl came from Shippo. Sesshomaru looked back. Shippo’s eyes were red and looking at Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. The battle in Shippo’s mind was over and Naraku won. Shippo growled and barked at the brothers.



“Shippo,” said Inuyasha, “snap out of it.”



“He’s too far gone for that,” said Sesshomaru.



“Damn it!” shouted Inuyasha, “look out!”



Shippo started to grow. Both his front and back paws turned into furred hands. His fur changed into a red orange color. There was even a black color around his eyes. He was as bug as Sesshomaru when in dog form. Shippo’s tails hit the ground with so much force that he cracked it. This was the power that Shippo held and Sesshomaru was afraid of it.



How can we stop something with this much- Sesshomaru thought, wait! Inuyasha’s seal!



“Inuyasha!” he called to his brother, “I’ll hold him at bay so you can seal him.”



Inuyasha nodded and got ready. Sesshomaru turned into his dog form. He bit down on Shippo’s neck and tried to hold him there. Shippo growled and bucked. Sesshomaru kept his ground ’till Shippo’s tails whipped at his side, cutting it. Sesshomaru let go of Shippo’s neck and roared. Shippo took that chance to bit down on the dog lord’s own neck. He pinned him down to the ground. Sesshomaru looked over at Inuyasha.



“Now Inuyasha!” he shouted.



Inuyasha swallowed and mumbled the words. Shippo let go of the older brother and took a deep breath. The glowing light blue Japanese words of SEALED floated around the fox’s neck. Shippo breathed fire as the words created a metal collar. The collar shocked him, causing Shippo to back off. It then released some kind of mist. Shippo swayed before falling to the ground in a deep sleep. Sesshomaru looked over to his brother. Inuyasha was nothing but a burnt corpse. He sat up and closed his eyes. There was cheering around him. He reopen his eyes to look. The spiders were retreating.



“Not much of a victory…” Sesshomaru commented.



After the cheering ended everyone started to pick up the wounded and dead.



“Sesshomaru!” Miroku called.



Sesshomaru looked over. For some reason he felt really tired. Miroku stopped beside him as Rin inspected his wounds. Miroku looked over at the sleeping Shippo. He frowned and looked around.



“Where’s Inuyasha?” he asked.



Sesshomaru looked at the burnt corpse. Miroku said a quick prayer. Sesshomaru looked at him.



“Where is the mako?” he asked.



“Faded away as soon as her and Rin killed Naraku,” Koga answered coming up to them.



Sesshomaru looked at Shippo.



“Then why hasn’t he changed back?” he asked.



No one knew the answer. Sesshomaru’s eyes widen. Shippo’s wounds were healing at a faster rate then a normal demon. Sesshomaru looked at his bleeding side. It wasn’t healing at all.



“Interesting,” he said, “he’s stealing my demonic aura to heal his own wounds faster. No wonder I feel weak.”



Miroku took a closer look at the seal. Nara, one of Sesshomaru’s daughters join in the group. Her father looked at her.



“Where’s your sister?” he asked.



Nara looked to the side with a frown. That was enough to tell Sesshomaru that Shara was dead.



“Wow,” said Miroku, “this seal is suppose to keep him from attacking humans.”



Sesshomaru smiled a bit. That was just like Inuyasha to do something like that. A few fox demons came up to them and bowed.



“We’ll be taking Shippo back to Solarira to be guarded,” one side, “by order of Emperor Shuro. We’ll also be closing our doors to prevent any attacks on us.”



“No one is going to blame you for this,” said Miroku.



“They already are priest,” said Koga.



Miroku frowned and stepped out of the way. The fox demons carried Shippo back and locked him away in one of the abandon tunnels. Rin and Nara helped Sesshomaru get back to the west were he died two days later from his wounds. Both Zori and Youko was named lord of the east and west. Shuro lived out his days as Emperor.



200 Years Later



A boy, that was only three years old, sat on his bed and cried. He had spiky blond hair, whisker scares on his cheeks, and, if he had them open, blue eyes. Arms wrapped around him. There was a pointed ear man behind him. This man was wearing a robe that was black and red, black pants and ninja shoes, and a fish net shirt. The cloth, that held the robe close, was orange and had a black sun symbol on it. This man also had long red hair, a black color around his slitted red eyes, and a metal collar with the glowing light blue Japanese word SEALED on it.



The man rocked the boy. He made a shh sound to him.



“There there Naruto,” the man said.



Naruto sobbed.



“Why does everyone hate me?” he asked.



“Because they see the great power you hold,” answered the man, “they should praise it because it’ll save them one day or kill them.”



Naruto quiet down a bit.



“Ancient Kyuubi,” he said, “can you hum that song again?”



Kyuubi smiled and laid Naruto down in his bed. He tucked the boy in and started to hum a lullaby. Naruto soon fall asleep. Kyuubi’s aura went back in the seal. He was a huge red orange nine tail fox. He smiled.



One day this boy will destroy this village, he thought, that will also be the day he’ll set me free.



Kyuubi-Shippo fall back into his deep sleep, a waiting for that very day to come.



The End






A few things to explain here. Naruto is three there and some people, when older, don’t remember things that happen back then. So Naruto doesn’t remember Kyuubi being there that night. Kyuubi does tend to let a little of his aura to sip out just to form a human version of him self. He can’t do anything else. He does go back into a deep sleep.



The seal prevented him for attacking humans then, but it’s so old now that it no longer works (in other words it’s just there for show). As for him not changing back into his normal self after Naraku dies is because all Naraku did was fuel his anger and hatred. The rest of it was all on Shippo.



Also this isn’t going to be changed to a cross over because it wasn’t to began in with. I was just foreshadowing things for later events 😉



Sorry for killing people off. I’m trying to set up a few things for my sequel to this 😀 Keep an eye out for it. It’s name will be Demon Blood! Also remember certain things in this fic, because they will all make sense in.



Kyuubi- Shippo –

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