Many Years of Pain Chapter 1

WARNING: This fic will go through time based on what I think is the Zelda time line, meaning that the time line I choice is probably not the right one.

Kokiri Forest, home of the forest children known as the Kokiri, The Great Deku Tree, and The Hero of Time, Link. There it was peaceful and the Kokiri play all the time, will except for one. This one was named Mido. He considers him self the leader or “chief” over all the Kokiris. But right now he doesn’t fell like the leader. He feels like just giving up on every thing for you see he had lost a dear friend of his, no two dear friends. Their names were Link and Saria. Now he is lonely, even though there are plenty of friends to play with, he just doesn’t want too. Each time he thinks of Link he would feel like his heart was being ripped out of his chest. Oh how he missed Link so much. He never got the chance to tell him about his feelings toward him. How he some how feel in love with the hero.

Mido,” said a male Kokiri known as Fado, “Mido. Mido. MIDO!”

Mido jumped.

Yes,” he said.

Is something wrong?” he asked, “You haven’t been your self lately.”

No, nothings wrong,” answered Mido.

You sure?” Fado asked not believing him.

Mido’s head dropped.

I miss them,” he answered.

Huh?” Fado asked again.

Link and Saria,” Mido answered.

Oh,” said Fado while getting on his knees, “I miss them too, but you want to know something?”

What?” Mido asked.

They’ll all ways be right here,” Fado answered while pointing to Mido’s chest.

Mido put his hand over his heart and smiled.

Now will you come and play with us?” Fado asked.

Mido nodes his head.

Yah!” shouted Fado hugging Mido tightly.

Mido and Fado went off and played with the others. Unknowing to them, they were being watched. Two strange looking Hylians were watching from the distance. One clothed in armor and the other clothed in what looks like a clown’s out fit.

Which one is the forest prince?” The clown looking one asked.

That one,” answered the one in armor pointing at Mido, “Listen to me Zant. I want you to turn him into one of us.”

What if it doesn’t work the way you wanted it to, my king?” Zant asked.

Then let the goddess deal with him,” answered the king, “Now go.”

As you wish,” said Zant before he teleported out of there.

As Zant appeared before the newly grown Deku Tree, the king gave a dark and chilling laugh.

Who are you?” he asked.

Your worst nightmare,” Zant answered.

Zant jumped up in the air and started attacking the Deku Tree. Zant shocked, through fireballs, and rocks at him. This all started a fire on top the Deku Tree. The Deku Tree pulled out his roots and tried to whip Zant out of the air, but failed. All of the sudden all the Kokiris stopped what they were doing and looked over toward the direction of the Deku Tree. They noticed the fire.

Oh no,” Mido said.

He began running toward the Deku Tree.

Mido wait!” Fado yelled out, “Mido!”

Mido ran all the way to Deku Tree to see Zant and him fighting and The Deku Tree losing. Mido looked around and picked up a rock. He got out his slingshot and aimed it at Zant. He let go of the sling; the rock flew and hit Zant in the head.

Mido!” yelled the Deku Tree.

Zant turned around looked at Mido. He smiled and soon that smile turns into laughter, which turned into a very evil laughter.

Finally the forest prince comes to watch his guardian burn to ashes,” said Zant.

Forest prince?” Mido asked him self.

Mido run!” yelled the Deku Tree.

Mido didn’t move.

Run!” yelled the Deku Tree.

Mido turned and started to run, but he didn’t go to fear. He hit the ground with Zant right on top of him.

Got you now,” he said.

Fowl demon,” said the Deku Tree, “Let him go!”

Not ‘till my king gets here,” said Zant.

Right on que the king came and with the other Kokiri. Zant lift up Mido and carried him in front of the king. He smiled evilly.

Now witness a birth of a god, great goddess!” he yelled then turn to the others, “Be hold the true nature of your leader, the forest prince.”

Why do you keep calling me that?” Mido asked.

Oh in do time little one,” the king answered.

The king’s hand began to glow. He looked up into the havens.

I hope you’re watching!” he yelled, “This is what you get of banishing us to the twilight realm!”

He pulled his arm back and hit Mido Square on his forehead. Mido began to glow bluish green. Suddenly his form began to change. He grow to be 6’1, his hair grow long and turn into a firey red, his legs turn into that of a dragon, a tail appeared, his nails grow into claws, and his eyes glowed of blood red.

What is this?” the king asked, “He wasn’t suppose to turn into this…this…this monster.”

Twili Mido looked at the king. He started to growl, and then he roared at the king. He tries to claw at him, but he missed.

“I suggest we get out of here my king,” said Zant, “He doesn’t know what his doing anymore.”

I agree,” said the king.

They both teleported out of there. Twili Mido held his head like it was hurting real bad. The Kokiri started to back away from Twili Mido. Twili Mido looked at them then roared. The Kokiri ran to they homes and stayed there, praying that some day Link will return and help Mido come back to his senses.

Bloody Chaos Story Part 3

bc story scene


Warning: Mary Sue a head! If you don’t like it then please click the red X on the tab! Others enjoy!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Bloody Chaos walked through the forest he had ran to nearly 1,000 years ago. He was using his horn as a way to see where he was heading. The spell he was using created small magic balls that disappeared when he touches them. He halted when he herd the sound of hooves. A humming of a melody came to Chaos’ ears.


What song is that? He asked him self, it’s not one of the songs sang here at Equestria.


The humming got closer to him, but he did not move. If it was a beast of the Everfree Forest he could take it on, no problem. The humming stopped.


“My my,” said somepony, “that’s a great wound you have there on your face. What creature has done that?”


The accent throw him off a little. Bloody Chaos just stood there for a moment with an expressionless face.


“I do not wish to share such information to a stranger,” he finally answered.


“Forgive me for being rude,” said the other pony, “I be named Zecora.”


Bloody Chaos’ horn glow, causing Zecora to glow as well. She gasped in fear. The glow ended.


“What is a Zebra doing all the way out here?” Bloody Chaos asked.


“That is unfair,” started Zecora, “You didn’t answer my question and gave your name and yet here you are asking yours.”


Bloody Chaos’ ears fall flat against his head. HE found this Zebra a bit annoying.


“I am called Bloody Chaos,” he answered calmly, “as for my eyes, it wasn’t a creature, but my self who had done it. As for why I will not say.”


“Very well,” said Zecora, “Now for yours I will only say that I came here because Equestria seemed to be a lovely place to live in.”


Bloody Chaos snorted. Zecora ignored it.


“If you don’t mind,” she started again, “please follow me. I wish to make sure your wound is not infected or at least try to clean the dried blood off.”


Zecora glowed again. She looked behind her see small balls of magic leading up to Bloody Chaos’ horn.


Must be using magic to follow, she thought before heading to her hut.


She held the door open for Bloody Chaos to come in. Afterwords she closed the door and turned to look at him. That’s when she noticed that Bloody Chaos has the same height as Princess Celestia.


“It looks like you have to sit down on the floor,” she said, “you are a bit too tall for me to reach.”


Bloody Chaos used he’s magic to see where objects were at before setting down. Zecora reached up to his face, but only made it to his neck.


“You might have to lay down,” she said, “I still can’t reach.”


Bloody Chaos did just that. Zecora moved he’s head around to look into the sockets. Surprisingly there was nothing wrong with them. She got a wet rag and started to wash off the dried blood.


“How old are you, Bloody Chaos?” she asked.


“A little over 1,000,” Bloody Chaos answered.


Same age as her as well, Zecora thought.


She glanced down at Bloody Chaos’ but shaped cutie mark.


“You have an interesting cutie mark,” Zecora commented.


“I use to love scaring other ponies when I was little,” Bloody Chaos said, “now I only do it to the creatures in this forest.”


Zecora put the rag on the table once she was done. She got a blindfold that was brown and had clips on both ends. She started to put it over Bloody Chaos’ sockets. Bloody Chaos raised his head high preventing Zecora to finish.


“I’m putting a blindfold on so nothing can get in the sockets,” she explained.


Bloody Chaos lowered his head. Zecora finished putting it on him.


“There,” she said, “It was nice meeting you Bloody Chaos.”


Bloody Chaos simply nodded and headed out the door.


“Zecora!” somepony shouted.


Bloody Chaos stood on alert upon hearing the new voice. Applebloom came running to them. She stopped when she noticed a strange tall red pony. She came to Bloody Chaos.


“Hello,” Applebloom said, “who are you?”


Bloody Chaos stayed looking high up a head.


“Bloody Chaos,” he said realizing the voice sounded like it belong to a filly, “who might you be child?”


“I’m Applebloom,” she answered.


Bloody Chaos’ horn glowed making Applebloom glow. She started to laugh.


“Hey that tickles,” she said.


Bloody Chaos stopped and lowered his head to her level now knowing her height. He gave a small smile.


“It tickles huh?” he asked.


“Yes,” Applebloom answered.


Bloody Chaos made his horn and her glow again. Applebloom fall to the ground laughing. Zecora chuckled seeing the two.


Looks like he likes children, she thought.


Bloody Chaos stopped and raised his head. He looked forward.


“I best be off,” he said, “It was nice meeting you Applebloom. Thanks Zecora.”


Zecora nodded forgetting that he was blind.


“Aww,” said Applebloom.


“Don’t worry little one,” Bloody Chaos said, “we’ll cross paths again.”


With that Bloody Chaos made his magic trail and left.


“Such a strange and mysterious pony,” Zecora commented before motioning for Applebloom to come inside her hut.

Bloody Chaos Story Part 2

bc part 2

Warning: Mary Sue and gore a head! If you don’t like it then please click the red X on the tab! Others enjoy!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


It has been nearly a year since Chaos and Celestia became friends. Celestia found out Chaos’ special talent was scaring people and enjoys it ’till they scream because of his eyes. Chaos learned somethings about Celestia in return. She could control the sun. she is also a big sister now.


Celestia started to make her way to the garden.


“Going to see the friend again?” asked her mom.


“Yes,” answered Celestia, “He’s going to show me some new spells.”


“I would like to meet him sometime,” her mom said.


“You wouldn’t like him,” said Celestia real quickly, “he’s too…common for your taste.”


Plus you’ll freak when you see his eyes, she thought.


“Still,” started her mom, “he must be a smart pony to be teaching you new spells you don’t all ready know.”


“Besides that I would like to know how he can sneak past the guards,” said Celestia’s dad coming up behind her mom.


“I don’t know,” said Celestia, “I didn’t even know we had guards posted in the garden.”


her dad try to say something else, but was cut off by her mom.


“Go play with your friend,” she said.


Celestia smiled and ran out to the garden. Her mom turned to her dad.


“If you wish to learn how that colt sneaks past the guards follow her,” said her mom, “I’m staying out that though. I don’t wish for our oldest to be mad at me.”


Celestia’s dad snorted as soon as his wife walked away and started to follow Celestia’s trail.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Celestia made it to their meeting place. She looked around.


“Chaos?” she asked.


A snap from behind made her look in that direction. She turned back only to be a few inches away from Chaos’ face.


“Boo!” he shouted.


Celestia gasped in fear and fall on her back. Chaos laughed while levitating him self from the branch to the ground.


“Oh,” Celestia said while getting up.


She playfully hit him on the arm and laughed.


“What took you so long?” Chaos asked.


“Mom and dad were asking about you,” Celestia answered, “Dad was wondering how you get past the guards.”


“Oh that’s simple,” Said Chaos, “watch.”


Chaos’ horn glowed a red color and his body split into three snakes. They slivered around Celestia and turned back into Chaos.


“Wow,” she said.


“Now are you ready for your lesson?” Chaos asked.


Celestia nodded.


“All right,” said Chaos, “Today I’ll show you how to do magic based on fear.”


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Celestia’s dad had been looking everywhere for her. He looked to a tree on the hill and caught a glimpse of her pink tail. He started to walk to her.


“Celestia,” he called out.


“Dad?” she called back.


Her dad stopped in his tracks when he saw Chaos. Her dad’s face changed from happy to angry when he looked closely at Chaos’ eyes. He charged at him.


“Dad wait!” Celestia yelled.


“Get away from my daughter, demon!” her dad yelled.


He stomped in front of Chaos causing him to back up. Chaos looked fearfully at Celestia.


“Dad stop!” She yelled.


Chaos ran and Celestia’s dad chased after him for a little bit. He snorted at the retreating back of Chaos.


“Good riddance,” he said.


Celestia started to cry.


“You never let me have any friends!” She shouted, “I hate you!”


She ran back to the castle.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Chaos ran many days and nights. He stopped in a creepy forest by a lake. He looked at himself angrily.


“These stupid eyes!” he yelled at him self, “They always cause me to be alone! Always! I know what I should do. I should get rid of them. Yes and everypony will look upon me without fear.”


He levitate two fire wood size sticks. He used his magic to sharpen them into spears. He stabbed his eyes out with them. He screamed in pain as blood stained the grass red.


From this day and forward no pony will see me as a demon anymore, he thought, I’ll be a normal pony now. A normal pony.


He pulled out the spears and laid them on the ground. He’s mind filled with thoughts of a peaceful and normal life that lies a head.

Bloody Chaos Story Part 1

mlp first meeting

warning: Mary sue ahead! If you don’t like that then please click the red X on this tab! Others enjoy!


A door opens and a little filly with a crown on top of her head came running out.

“Be careful Celestia!” The filly’s mother shouted.

“I will mother!” Celestia shouted back.

She run to the garden.

“Now what shall I play?” she asked her self, “I know!”

She crouch down.

“The brave princess of the cats crouches as she spots her pray,” Celestia said.

Bushes shook near by. Celestia looked at it. The bushes instantly stopped.

I must be my imagination, she thought as she crouches back down.

The bushes started up again. Celestia looked at it again, but this time it didn’t stop. She started to back away from it.

“Okay maybe it wasn’t my imagination,” she said.

A male red filly jumped out and roared. Celestia gasped and fall back wards. The red filly laughed. Celestia’s brows meet and she got up. She marched up to him. The red filly gave a panic look and started to back up with ever step Celestia took.

“Why you little,” she said, “do you have any idea who I am? Well do you? I’m the princess of Equestria.”

“To be quite frank with you,” said the red filly standing his ground, “I don’t really care who you are. Your just like everypony else. No one is higher or lower then the rest. It’s just the way some acted that makes it seem like it.”

Celestia looked surprised at him.

“You’re very wise for your age,” she commented, “What’s your name?”

“Bloody Chaos,” he answered while bowing to her, “nice to make your acquaintance Princess Celestia.”

She gasped. Bloody Chaos looked at her.

“Your eyes,” she said.

and there goes that friendship, he thought.

“I know,” Bloody Chaos said, “they’re scary.”

“No,” said Celestia, “They’re beautiful!”

Bloody Chaos jaw dropped.

Beautiful!? he thought.

all his life people ran off we they see him because of his eyes. His eyes were slitted and golden. The sclera was not white but black, giving him a demon like look. It was because of this that his parents abandon him as a baby. Bloody Chaos started to cry.

“Hey,” said Celestia with concern, “what’s wrong?”

“No one has ever said that to me,” he answered.

“Why?” she asked.

“Everypony gets scared when they see them,” Bloody Chaos answered.

“Well I’m not scared,” Celestia said, “but right now you are in trouble.”

Bloody Chaos looked at her with a puzzle look.

“You aren’t suppose to be on the castle ground without invitation,” she said, “but I know of way that I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

“That would be?” he asked.

“Play with me Bloody Chaos!” She answered happily.

“Okay,” Bloody Chaos answered, “and call me Chaos.”

Celestia smiled and tagged him and started to run off with Chaos chasing her.