Bloody Chaos Story Part 3

bc story scene


Warning: Mary Sue a head! If you don’t like it then please click the red X on the tab! Others enjoy!


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Bloody Chaos walked through the forest he had ran to nearly 1,000 years ago. He was using his horn as a way to see where he was heading. The spell he was using created small magic balls that disappeared when he touches them. He halted when he herd the sound of hooves. A humming of a melody came to Chaos’ ears.


What song is that? He asked him self, it’s not one of the songs sang here at Equestria.


The humming got closer to him, but he did not move. If it was a beast of the Everfree Forest he could take it on, no problem. The humming stopped.


“My my,” said somepony, “that’s a great wound you have there on your face. What creature has done that?”


The accent throw him off a little. Bloody Chaos just stood there for a moment with an expressionless face.


“I do not wish to share such information to a stranger,” he finally answered.


“Forgive me for being rude,” said the other pony, “I be named Zecora.”


Bloody Chaos’ horn glow, causing Zecora to glow as well. She gasped in fear. The glow ended.


“What is a Zebra doing all the way out here?” Bloody Chaos asked.


“That is unfair,” started Zecora, “You didn’t answer my question and gave your name and yet here you are asking yours.”


Bloody Chaos’ ears fall flat against his head. HE found this Zebra a bit annoying.


“I am called Bloody Chaos,” he answered calmly, “as for my eyes, it wasn’t a creature, but my self who had done it. As for why I will not say.”


“Very well,” said Zecora, “Now for yours I will only say that I came here because Equestria seemed to be a lovely place to live in.”


Bloody Chaos snorted. Zecora ignored it.


“If you don’t mind,” she started again, “please follow me. I wish to make sure your wound is not infected or at least try to clean the dried blood off.”


Zecora glowed again. She looked behind her see small balls of magic leading up to Bloody Chaos’ horn.


Must be using magic to follow, she thought before heading to her hut.


She held the door open for Bloody Chaos to come in. Afterwords she closed the door and turned to look at him. That’s when she noticed that Bloody Chaos has the same height as Princess Celestia.


“It looks like you have to sit down on the floor,” she said, “you are a bit too tall for me to reach.”


Bloody Chaos used he’s magic to see where objects were at before setting down. Zecora reached up to his face, but only made it to his neck.


“You might have to lay down,” she said, “I still can’t reach.”


Bloody Chaos did just that. Zecora moved he’s head around to look into the sockets. Surprisingly there was nothing wrong with them. She got a wet rag and started to wash off the dried blood.


“How old are you, Bloody Chaos?” she asked.


“A little over 1,000,” Bloody Chaos answered.


Same age as her as well, Zecora thought.


She glanced down at Bloody Chaos’ but shaped cutie mark.


“You have an interesting cutie mark,” Zecora commented.


“I use to love scaring other ponies when I was little,” Bloody Chaos said, “now I only do it to the creatures in this forest.”


Zecora put the rag on the table once she was done. She got a blindfold that was brown and had clips on both ends. She started to put it over Bloody Chaos’ sockets. Bloody Chaos raised his head high preventing Zecora to finish.


“I’m putting a blindfold on so nothing can get in the sockets,” she explained.


Bloody Chaos lowered his head. Zecora finished putting it on him.


“There,” she said, “It was nice meeting you Bloody Chaos.”


Bloody Chaos simply nodded and headed out the door.


“Zecora!” somepony shouted.


Bloody Chaos stood on alert upon hearing the new voice. Applebloom came running to them. She stopped when she noticed a strange tall red pony. She came to Bloody Chaos.


“Hello,” Applebloom said, “who are you?”


Bloody Chaos stayed looking high up a head.


“Bloody Chaos,” he said realizing the voice sounded like it belong to a filly, “who might you be child?”


“I’m Applebloom,” she answered.


Bloody Chaos’ horn glowed making Applebloom glow. She started to laugh.


“Hey that tickles,” she said.


Bloody Chaos stopped and lowered his head to her level now knowing her height. He gave a small smile.


“It tickles huh?” he asked.


“Yes,” Applebloom answered.


Bloody Chaos made his horn and her glow again. Applebloom fall to the ground laughing. Zecora chuckled seeing the two.


Looks like he likes children, she thought.


Bloody Chaos stopped and raised his head. He looked forward.


“I best be off,” he said, “It was nice meeting you Applebloom. Thanks Zecora.”


Zecora nodded forgetting that he was blind.


“Aww,” said Applebloom.


“Don’t worry little one,” Bloody Chaos said, “we’ll cross paths again.”


With that Bloody Chaos made his magic trail and left.


“Such a strange and mysterious pony,” Zecora commented before motioning for Applebloom to come inside her hut.

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