Death Coil Chapter 8


All in this fic belongs to Blizzard! Ocs belongs to Stephen and Amber!






Simple horns blew to announce the Illidari. Illidan swallowed when he went inside. The leaders all looked at him. Few had fear in their eyes while others had hate. There was a handful that seemed to be happy to see him. Tyrande stood.



“Here stands before you members of the Illidari,” she started, “each race is represented to show the equality and peace of-”



“Hold on a minuet,” interrupted Kurdran, “each race? There’s two humans in the group.”



Illidan nodded at Raknaal. Raknaal stepped forward. Varian smirked. He knew what was going to happen. Raknaal howled as his body turned black. There was green lines and swirls on his body as it swelled and changed form before the green had disappeared, leaving a blacked furred worgen. Malfurion was concerned.



That wasn’t a normal worgen transformation, he thought.



He wasn’t alone in that thought. Genn had a worried look on his maw.



“As I was saying,” Tyrande said, “each race is represented to show the equality and peace of the Alliance. They come here, wishing to aid us.”



Illidan felt the eyes on him. His hand was shaking a bit. He was very nervous.






fearless chased the druid ’till they got to the bank. The druid turned back into a female night elf with long purple hair. She glared at Fearless, but that didn’t stop him. Fearless jumped on her whiling licking her face. The druid fall on her butt, laughing.



“Fearless, no,” said Varendar, “bad boy.”



Fearless wined and got off of the druid. Varendar helped her up.



“Sorry about that,” he said.



“No,” the druid said, “you’re fine…um…”



“Varendar Moonblood,” he introduce himself.



The druid bowed.



“Isabell Greenleaf,” she introduced, “but everyone calls me Brightspot.”



“Hmm,” said Varendar, “any relation to Vaeelairan Greenleaf?”



He met the old dead druid once, before he departed after getting released. Brightspot gasped.



“You know my cousin?” she asked.



Varendar nodded.



“How is he?” she asked, “where did you meet him at? I her you got him released. What did he do?”



Varendar raised his hands up. She was asking too many questions at once.



“Whoa,” he said, “one at a time.”



“Oh sorry,” said Brightspot, “what exactly did he do to get jailed?”



“He stole a priestess’ night saber,” Varendar answered, “and was a member of the Illidari.”



Brightspot blinked.



“But the Illidari is an army full of…” she said before tears were in her eyes, “he’s dead…”



she started to cry. Fearless gave his master a look. Varendar glared at him before he tried to comfort Brightspot.



“Illidan,” she said suddenly with anger, “where is he?”



Varendar swallowed.



What have I done? He asked him self.






everyone was arguing about if they should let Illidan in or not. Varian sighed and stood. Everyone went silent.



“I, for one, welcome them and will let them step foot into Stormwind,” he stated.



Thurgas snorted.



“Yeah and let him destroy it,” he commented, “need I remind you what he was called and what he did in Outland?”



Gimbin gritted his teeth and stood up.



“Gimbin, what are you doing?” Thurgas asked.



Illidan held his breath. That’s when Malfurion noticed the Drianie Illidari, Zenius, look nervously at the dwarf.



“He will not betray us,” Gimbin said, “he saved me in Northend.”



Everyone started to whisper to each other.



“The Dark Irons want you yo elaborate on this,” said Drukan.



Zenius started to fidget while the nervous look was on Illidan’s face now.



“The Litch King had killed the rest if the group I was with,” started Gimbin, “he had ordered Illidan to finish me off, but he didn’t. He somehow managed to break the Litch King’s hold on him. Illidan changed, took me, and flew off before the Litch King, him self, killed me.”



“What do you mean by flew off?” asked archmage Tervosh.



“He means nothing by it,” Illidan said.



He knew it made have looked bad on his part, but he didn’t want that form to be known. That form that he was given to test out. That form that was now in others. Gimbin looked at Illidan, who didn’t look back at the dwarf. Amendous sighed and stood.



“I, my self, have been saved by him,” he said, “but it was back when he was a demon. We were attacked by a scouting party of the legion. We thought, for sure, we would die ’till Illidan came and killed most of them.”



Everyone was now looking from Gimbin, to Amendous, to Varian, and then to Illidan.



“I guess the Bronzebeards will welcome you then,” said Thurgas.



Everyone else soon followed.






Jarode was walking along the path between Craftsmen and Tradesmen Terrace. He heard an arrow hit the target dummy below. Jarode looked at the dummy. There was an arrow stuck on the head. He then looked for the person who shoot it. He was expecting to see a hunter standing a bit far away from the dummy. What he didn’t expect to see was Varendar standing where the forest ends and Darnassus begins.



“Nice shoot!” Jarode yelled to him.



“Thanks!” Varendar yelled back, “do you mind getting the arrow for me!? I kind of shoot too high for fearless to get it!”



That’s when Jarode noticed the wolf looking up at him. He went to the dummy, got the arrow, and walked to Varendar.



“Thanks again,” Varendar said.



Jarode nodded.



“I’m surprised you can hit it from this far,” he commented.



Varendar smiled.



“I practice like this when I started out,” he said, “I like to snipe things.”



Jarode looked at him with a smile. He noted the blue eyes.



“You’re highborn,” Jarode said, “that’s interesting.”



“Yeah,” Varendar said before shooting again.



This time the arrow was in the chest. Varendar lowered his bow while Fearless went to get the arrow.



“You’re Maiev’s brother, Jarode, right?” Varendar asked.



“Yes,” Jarode answered, “and you must be Varendar Moonblood.”



Varendar snorted.



“Am I so famous that the great hero, Jarode, knows me?” he asked, “or did your sister told you?”



“She told me Jarode answered.



“Figures,” Varendar said as he took his arrow back from Fearless.



Varendar loaded it and two more arrows. He sighed.



“I’ll be glad to leave this place,” he commented.



“Do you not like it here?” Jarode.



“Filthy highborn!” someone shouted.



Jarode looked to see two female night elves.



“Go back to Dire Maul!” the other yelled.



Varendar shoot. One arrow was in the head, one in the chest, and one in the crotch area.



“Not at all,” Varendar answered.



“Varendar!” they herd Illidan shout.



They looked. Illidan had his arms crossed and didn’t look too happy. Brightspot was behind him. ‘I’m sorry’ she mouthed. Varendar swallowed.



“Jarode,” he said, “it was nice knowing you.”






The whole Zenius Illidan thing is like this: Illidan was a test rat for a form that worked out so well that it was put into others, but they where some how connected to Illidan. They can feel what he feels, they can read each others minds, ect. That’s why Zenius acted like he did.



Also screw lore in this chapter! XD I just wanted to add something nice for Illidan to do while still a demon.

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