For My Captain Chapter 1

All in this fic doesn’t belong to me!


Warning! Ooc Usopp a head. I tried to keep him in character as much as a I could, but I wanted him to be a bad ass so bad, that I couldn’t help XD


This is also an alternate universe for the Impel Down arc!




The cuff’s around his wrists were tight and so were the ones on his ankles. His hair fall over his face, hiding it away from those who went past his cell. He was at Impel Down on the second level. He started to wonder why he was here again ’till he remembered. They were separated. The Marines had found him before his crew. At first he was being use to bring Luffy out from where even he was “hiding”. He started to ask him self, would Luffy come for him? Did Luffy care enough to? It has been days since the marines took him. He doubted Luffy will. After all he was the weakest one out of all the members of the crew. The door to his cell open. Soulless charcoal eyes looked up at the officer.


“Usopp “Sogeking”,” he stated, “It’s time for you to go to Marineford.”


They took the shackles off of his ankles and pulled him up. They started to walk him to where a ship was docked. The other prisoners looked at him in sadness and relief that it wasn’t one of them that was going. Usopp was afraid of being caught by the marines, being put to death. Now he was just a hallow shell following them to his doom. One of the guards laughed.


“It’s a shame your captain didn’t come to get you out,” The guard said.


The other one smiled.


“Yeah,” that one said, “you must trying not worth Straw Hat’s time.”


Usopp didn’t respond. He didn’t even blink for wondered the same thing. Did Luffy cared about him? Did he said something wrong the last time they saw each other? If so then he was sorry. One of the guards pulled Usopp’s head toward the ground, nearly making him fall.


“You truly are worthless,” the guard said.


Worthless, Usopp repeated the word in his head, worthless.


Dark thoughts started to go through Usopp’s mind. Maybe that’s why Luffy didn’t come for him. Because he found Usopp too worthless to keep as a part of his crew, his family. If that was the case the Usopp would gladly accept his death. Light from the outside world fall upon them. Usopp had to close his eyes for a moment to see. He was skinner then usual and had dark bags under his eyes. A few wounds where on his back and arms due to the few torture sessions they gave him. Usopp took a deep breath when he saw the huge marine ship waiting to take him away.



Luffy was tapping his foot impatiently. He was outside waiting to speak with Hancock. He needed to leave the island immediately. He had just given the news about Usopp’s execution. He didn’t even know that Usopp was caught. Though he was a bit confused. Usopp’s bounty was low. So low that he shouldn’t have been put into such a high prison place like Impel Down.


Maybe it’s because he’s a part of my or that his dad is a part of Shanks’, Luffy thought.


He wasn’t too sure. One thing he was sure about, was the fact that they were, originally, using Usopp to get to him. Poor Usopp probably thinks that Luffy had abandon him. Luffy’s fists clutched and an angry look appeared on his face.


“Don’t worry Usopp I’ll get you back,” He said.



The next part will start the Marineford. XD I’m skipping the voyage that Luffy had.

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