Death Coil Chapter 3


All in this fic belongs to Blizzard!

Warning: Ideologically Sensitive and self made classes and mounts ahead. If you don't
like any of these then please stop reading this fic. Others enjoy!


He always thought that Dalaran was so beautiful with it's magical infused buildings. Varendar could just stay here the rest of his life if he could. Varendar was a highborne with glowing sky blue eyes, violet skin, and moon light sliver hair to prove it. But unlike many of the highborne, Varendar wasn't a mage. He was a hunter and he treasured his pet ghost wolf, Fearless, dearly.

Currently Varendar was walking to the Legerdemain Lounge when Fearless barked deeply at someone. When Fearless barks deeply it means someone is trying to get Varendar's attention. He looked to where Fearless was barking to find a hooded figure coming toward them. He scanned them.

Female, judging by the body structure I say Tauren, and by the outfit I say that she's a priestess, Varendar thought.Excuses me,” she said. “Are you Varendar Moonblood?”Yes I am,” he answered.

She got up right beside him. That's when he noticed that she smelt like rotting flesh.I come on be half of Illidan Stormrage,” she whispered in his ear.

He shoot her a surprised look.He wishes to meet with you,” she whispered, “he'll be waiting at Icecrown Citadel.”I'll be there,” he agreed.There is a mount waiting to take you there at Krasus' Landing,” she said before walking off.

Fearless gave a high yelp and wagged his tail, which meant he was excited. Varendar smiled and patted his head.Looks like we got our long awaited wish,” he said.

Fearless gave another high yelp.


Vaeerlairan just got off the boat at  Rut'theran Village or what was left of it. He had to steal a night saber to fit in. the Death Druid's deer mounts would have made him stand out. Not that the Death Priests' and Priestess' ghost wolf mounts was any better. He couldn't even turn into his bird form with it looking like it does now. Vaeelairan also had to bring his hood down more so no one could see the icy blue eyes of death that he inherited when brought back to life.

He strolled through the portal that connected Rut'theran to Darnassus and nodded at the sentinels on the other side. He walked to the bank, that's when he noticed a board named “The Hero's Call”. He dismounted and went over to take a look. It was filled with help wanted posters at places that were nearly distorted. He went to the pack on the saber. He started digging in it. He pulled a whine bottle. He looked over at the saber.And your master was a priestess of Elune?” he commented.

He put the bottle back in and pulled out a pack of parchment and some lead to write with. The saber growled at him.Keep that up and I'll make sure you freed to the Frost Wyrms.” he threaten.

The saber stopped. He wrote all the places, reasons, and who to see down. He put the parchment and lead back into the pack and closed it.

Now to get out of here before-, He thought.Vaeerlairan is that you?” asked someone.

Someone that knows me sees me, he thought.

Vaeerlairan looked over the saddle to see his cousin, Isabella “Brightspot” Greenmoon.

Shit, he thought, Why, of all the people on Azeroth, does it have to be her?

Vaeelairan loves hard missions, but when it came to places that his 1st cousin could be at, he hates them. He smiled at her.Brightspot,” he said, “It's good to see you.”

Brightspot walked over to him she gave him a big hug.It's good to see you too,” she said before she pulled back, “You're cold. Are you felling all right?”Yeah,” he lied, “I just got back from Northend.”Alright,” she said, “You must be tired and hungry. Come I'll make your favorite meal. Wait why did you ride a saber back instead of flying?”I did,” he lied again, “half way, but my wings got tired so I had to barrow a saber to ride the rest of the way.”Oh okay,” she said leading the way back to her home.

He would have refused the offer of food and bed, but that would have made him look suspicious.

And General Illidan wouldn't like that one bit, he thought.


The ride wasn't a nice one for Varendar. One, the mount was a skeletal version of a Gryphon and two, the ride was so bumpy and bouncy that it made he's stomach upset. They finally landed at the Citadel. There the same Tauren was waiting for them. Fearless jumped off wagging his tail while Varendar slip off and fall back first on the snowy ground. The Tauren came over to check on him.You okay?” she asked.

Varendar held his stomach and groaned.Oh,” the Tauren said understandingly.

A few moments later they walked into the Citadel. There Fearless let out a high pitch bark, meaning he spotted someone he loves, and ran to a male night elf. The male bent down petting him.Hey Fearless,” he said, “How are you boy?”

Fearless started to lick his face causing the male to laugh.Sir,” said the Tauren.

The male nodded and she left. The male looked at Varendar and smiled.It's been a long time Varen,” he said.A bit too long if you ask me, Illi,” Varendar said.

They hugged each other.I thought you were dead?” he asked.I still am,” answered Illidan, “But I heard that you killed Maiev.”I had to,” said Varendar, “she killed my best friend.”

Illidan laughed.Always out for revenge?” he asked.You know it,” answered Varendar.Anyway, I have a request for you,” said Illidan, “You don't have to do this if you don't want to. What I need you to do is go to Darnassus and request an audience with Tryande Whisperwind for me.”Isn't she that girl that was looking for you for your parents that one time when we were little?” Varendar asked.Yep that's he,” Illidan answered.I'll do it then,” said Varendar.

Illidan smiled and put his hand on Varendar's shoulder.I knew you would,” he said, “You'll have to wait for our Alliance and Horde spies come back before you can depart.”

Varendar nodded understandingly.


There was a loud banging on the door. Brightspot got up from the table.Now who could that be?” she asked.

She and Vaeelairan was having dinner together and enjoying each others company after such a long time. She open the door to see three sentinels.What's going on?” she asked.Where is the druid Vaeelairan?” one of them asked.Why?” was all Brightspot asked.

Vaeelairan sneaked out of the back door to the saber. He dug into the pack and took out the parchment he wrote on earlier. He folded it and put it in on of the pouches on his belt. The saber started to roar.Shh,” he said.He's trying to get away!” shouted one of the sentinels.

He started to run, but didn't get too far when two of them tackled him. They then dragged him to the Temple of The Moon and straight to Tryande and Malfurion. They forced him down on his knees in front of them. Vaeelairan looked up to see the priestess, that he stole the saber from, right beside them.That's him,” she said, “he's the one that stole my mount.”

Tryande removed his hood.Vaeelairan Greenmoon?” exclaim Malfurion, “We thought you lost in Northend. How did you survive?”You know nothing do you?” Vaeelairan asked.

Tryande looked down at the tabard he was wearing.

Black angle wings with a red hand over it, she thought.

She gasped.You're a member of the Illidari Army aren't you?” she asked.

Vaeelairan looked into her silver eyes with his icy blue ones. That was enough of an answer for her to look away. The sentinels dug through all his pouches. They found and gave Malfurion the parchment. Malfurion looked over them.Why did you write all this?” he asked.I was ordered to,” Vaeelairan answered.By who?” asked Malfurion with anger, “My brother?”

Vaeelairan gave him an angry look that was as equal in force as his.Malfurion let me tell you a little story,” he said.

There once was a white tiger, who was the high priestess of the moon watcher temple, a buck, who started and lead the great ones that was one with nature, and a jackal, who was head of the great and mysterious magi. Now you see the jackal and the buck were brothers that once was really close and the white tiger was their childhood friend. When they grow order both the jackal and the buck fall in love with the white tiger. The jackal try so hard to win the white tiger’s heart that him tend to make a fool of him self. The white tiger told the jackal that she would think about going with him. So the jackal felt so happy with that when he saw his brother , the buck, and the white tiger rubbing heads in affection, he went insane with rage.

The jackal started to kill innocent people and became a half demon. The buck and the white tiger saw this. The white tiger was devastated while the buck was full of hatred, So much hatred that he banished his own brother from their home land. The jackal soon found a land to hide in, but he never noticed that he was being followed. That one was a silver tiger and she was out to kill him. She soon accomplished that. The silver tiger was so happy of her victory that she didn’t noticed someone.

It was the great king of the undead, the stallion. The stallion had the ability to bring anyone back from the dead to serve him and that’s what he did to the jackal. Though he didn’t except the jackal to defied him after his death. The jackal killed innocent people in the snowy lands, but he wasn’t done yet. No, he wanted to kill the ones that got him to this state. So he headed off to the new capital of the tigers and deer. Now this place was also a place were many other animals come to visit and to rest up. The jackal made it there and was headed to the newly built temple of the moon watcher.

There he found his brother and the white tiger. No longer having feels toward the white tiger he killed her and the buck. This scared all the other animals. They ran and made way to the kingdom in the east. No one daring to return in fear that they too would be the jackal’s next prey.

Now answer me this,” Vaeelairan said, “Who are the fools? I’ll give you a hint one them isn’t the jackal.”

The anger in Malfurion’s eyes turned to sorrow knowing full well that the fools in the story was the Buck and White Tiger- Tryande and him.


A skeletal bat watched the whole scene in the temple through the glass roof.

I must tell General Stormrage, it thought before it flew off in the direction of Northend.


And thus the mounts have been reviled. I wonder how Illidan is going to react to this news.

Death Coil Chapter 2

All in this fic belongs to Blizzard! Forgive the lack of the Dwarfs and the Draenei
accents in this. I will change it if someone could give a list of words the
say differently 🙂

Warning: Ideologically Sensitive and self made classes ahead. If you don't
like any of these then please stop reading this fic. Others enjoy!

This Chapter has been redone!


“Are you saying that the Litch King brought back most of the villains and criminals?” asked Varian Wrynn, king of Stormwind.

“Yes,” answered Jaina, “their mission is to wipe out the living.”

“This could be bad,” commented Gelbin Mekkatorque, King of the Gnomes.

Jaina was with all the other alliance leaders at Stormwind. They were here to discuss the current events that have been happening. She thought now would be a good time to tell them about Arthas’ secret army. She had already told Thrall about it. He, in return, was going to tell the rest of the Horde leaders.

That’s not even the half of it,” Jaina continued, “some how Arthas had made them immune to any and all of a Paladin’s attacks.”

“Oh that’s just great,” commented Varian under his breath.

Here are their names,” started Jaina, “Deathrin of the Blood Elves. He was well known for killing off nobles in Silvermoon. Raknaal from Gilneas. He’s a Worgen that, by some unknown person, who would kill others when he was ordered too.”

There was a moment of silence.

You didn’t name the third one lass,” said Magni Bronzebeard, The King of the Dwarfs.

Jaina swallowed and looked from Tyrande Whisperwind to Arthas’ journal.

Th-the general’s name is Illidan Stormrage,” she said.

Tyrande gasped.

What have we done? She thought.


Kamagua was a peaceful Tuskarr village. Everyone was enjoying this peace for the day. The elder smiled when he saw the little ones play around. A growl from the cliff side took his attention. He looked up to see skeletal sabers and bears. Some of them had tusks, some had the horns of a cow, and the rest looked normal.

There was a strange tree like sound from the cliff side. The elder looked. There was withered tree of life’s and decayed boomkins. There was shadows circling over head. The elder looked up at the sky. A lot of skeletal scarecrows were circling. They were all looking down at the village. The elder turned to his people.

Prepare for an attack!” he ordered.

They started to arm them selves a bit too late. The undead had charged in. One Tuskarr warrior hit a saber, causing it to fall a part. He smiled ’till the saber started to put it self together. It pounced on to the warrior and tore at his throat. The stormcrows swoop down and would peck at the Taskarrs eyes. The tree of life’s and boomkins stayed on their cliff, healing and rang attacking.

Then, without a reason, they all retreated. The elder looked about in confusion.

Bad omen,” he stated.

A hallow dragon roar sounded. Terrifying looks from the Tuskarrs shown as they watched two skeletal dragons come into view. One had a green glow to it while the other had a black glow. The elder swallowed and turned to his people to tell them to run. It was too late. The dragons released a fiery breath on them, burning everyone a live.

Illidan watched this with an emotionless expression. He walked down to inspect everything. The Tuskarr elder coughed as Illidan passed him.

Why?” the elder asked.

It is out king’s last wish,” Illidan answered with an emotionless tune.

He’s hold,” said the elder, “I will brake it.”

He started to mumble something in a different tongue. Illidan took one of his warglaives and killed the elder, but not before he was done chanting. Illidan went to his knees and held his head. The voice slowly disappeared. Illidan blinked and looked around.

Where are we?” came the voice of Deathrin.

Illidan looked up at the cliffs. Deathrin and Raknaal had the same confused look as he did.

Last thing I remember was falling asleep,” Raknaal answered.

Yeah,” said Deathrin, “I remember that too.”

Illidan looked around again. The ground started to shake.

Earthquake?” Illidan asked.

Then a huge boom sounded. The ground stopped shaking. Illidan looked out at the ocean. There was a huge red glow like fire that was far away.

What is that?” asked Raknaal.

I don’t know,” answered Illidan, “maybe there’s a town or a fort with people in it so we can ask around.”

Deathrin and Raknaal nodded in agreement.


It was just a few days ago that Malfurion Stormrage’s love, Tyrande, came back when the world breaker decided to show up. To make matters worse, Tyrande came back with news that his own brother could be a Death Knight general of an army bent on killing every living thing on Azeroth. He sighed. Tyrande looked at him with concern.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Malfurion answered, “It’s the stress of everything that’s going on.”

Tyrande gave him a hug.

“Everything will be okay,” she conferred, “You’ll see.”

Malfurion tighten his hold on her.

“I hope so,” he said.

He looked out at the sky through the glass roof of the temple.

I truly do, He thought.


It took the general and commanders days to find a place with people in it. Illidan told Raknaal and Deathrin to stay behind as he put up his hood. He headed into Valiance Keep and spotted an inn.

He remembered that inns usually was the best place to get info. He walked in. Illidan looked around he took note of a few humans, one Draenei, and one dwarf. Both looked familiar to him.

Have you herd of what happen in Kalimdor, Gimbin?” asked the female Draenei.

No I haven’t Tilra,” answered the dwarf Gimbin, “what happen?”

Well,” answered Tilra, “they said that Deathwing did a number to them. Half of the Night Elves’ lands are on fire.”

Gees,” said Gimbin, “though the Eastern Kingdoms is just as bad. From what I’ve herd is that Deathwing came up out of the ocean with a huge explosion of flames.”

Oh wow,” exclaimed Tilra.

So that’s what happen, Illidan thought before he left the inn.

He made it back to Raknaal and Deathrin. Both commanders looked at him.

Did you find out anything?” asked Deathrin.

Yes,” answered Illidan, “It seems Deathwing is on the loss. Both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor have been hit.”

Raknaal sighed.

That’s just great,” he commented.

I need you two to do a couple of things for me,” Illidan said, “Raknaal I need you to tell Vaeelairan that he has a mission. He needs to go to the Night Elf capital and get as much information about everything as he can. His the only one that’s not reported dead yet. I doubt anyone knows about out Death Druids and Death Priests and Priestesses.”

Yeah,” said Raknaal, “Arthas kept that information to himself.”

What else needs to be done?” Deathrin asked.

I need you to send a messenger,” answered Illidan, “Tell them to go to Dalaran. If my information is correct, there should be a Highborn hunter there. He’s name is Varendar Moonblood. Tell him to meet me at Icecrown. It’s time to dust off an old friendship of mine.”


Here is a link to the start of the character sheets I did:

Death Coil Chapter 1

Everything in this fic belongs to Blizzard!

I'm trying something new here. I don't play World of Warcraft but my friend
Amber does. She is also a big lore nut on the game so I'll trust her word in
this. Anyways this probably would never happen but let's image it did. Oh yes,
this is after the fall of the Litch King and will go into the Cataclysm.

This Chapter has been redone!


Death is the sweet escape from life. A paradise from the war and suffering. But when you're brought back by the Litch King, death is the hell you just left. 

One thing so unexpected about the Litch King is that he had planned for the future. He had some of his thousands of chosen champions put to sleep and locked away from the world 'till three years after his death.

That is where they lay in a hallow out mountain, away from view. The place had hall ways and training rooms. In the middles, that connects the south hall ways to the north ones, was a tower. The top had huge open windows for something big to fly through them. In the middle of said tower was a statue of a weeping angle.

The most notable this is all of the dead bodies that line the floors. From humans to orcs, both Alliance and Horde members rest side by side, ever waiting to be awaken. In the tower laid dead dragons in humanoid form from all the flights, waiting for the same thing.

A faint voice whispered in their minds, urging them to awaken.

My death has come and gone, whispered the voice, a raise my army! A raise and kill the living!

A little movement was shown in the many bodies.

A raise! Whispered the voice.

Eery blue eyes snapped open to show how lifeless they all were. They started to raise.

Yes, said the voice, that's it, my champions. Raise and kill!

They started to get up on their feet. The doors to the outside world open. They look toward it and stood at the ready. The dragons transformed. Some were on the windows' seals, some were hovering in the air inside the tower, and others remain on the ground. Each glowed the color of their flight.

At the very end of the last room sat three people, who still were asleep. They were a Blood Elf, a Night Elf, and a Worgen.

A raise my commanders, whispered the voice, A raise and aid in commanding my army!

The Blood Elf, on the Night Elf's left, eyes open. A few strands of his long red hair fall in front of his face as he rose up. The ends of the sheaves of his two different swords scraped the chair. The black furred Worgen, who was on the Night Elf's right, a woke next. His red bladed claymore, strapped to his back, also scraped his chair. Both made their way down the steps in front of their chair.

A raise my prize Death Knight, my general, whispered the voice, A raise and take command of my army!

The Night Elf stirred. His lids looked like they had been sowed on. They lifted to show the glowing blue eyes that weren't his. He stood and took the two green warglaives that laid at the sides of his chair. He, then, made his way down to lead his undead army.


The Gnome Mage, Fizwig, tapped his foot impatiently on the ship's floor as it sailed to Theramore. 

How could I have forgotten to give this to Lady Jaina? He asked himself.

He looked down at the book in his hands. It was Arthas' journal. Fizwig was on his way to give it to Jaina before she headed to Stormwind.

I pray I'm in time to catch her, he thought.

He wanted her to read it. Especially the last entry. There was three well known names in that part that would send shivers down anyone's spin.


The other knights made a path to the door for the general and commanders. The general looked around outside.

Kill the living! Commanded the voice.

The general nodded to the Worgen commander. The Worgen howled. Everyone started marching out of the mountain base. The dragons took to the air and followed.


The journal slammed shut on a table.This is terrible!” shouted Jaina.

Fizwig nodded. He had just gotten there minuets ago.That's what I thought too when I read it,” he said, “sorry I didn't bring it to you sooner.”

Jaina shook her head.It's okay,” she said, “but we need to warn the leaders about this and fast.”


I tried to keep them in character, but again I never played WoW. Would Illidan Stormrage be more of a lead to the three?

Oh and Raknaal belongs to Amber's brother while Deathrin and the Death Knight version of Illidan belong to Amber.